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Organizations with an entirely digital supply chain benefit from a multitude of advantages: enhanced efficiency, increased customer satisfaction, significant cost reductions, and an agile supply chain. At Camelot, we are dedicated to empowering you to achieve these benefits for your company.

Due to our innovative strength, we are a recognized strategic partner as well as co-developer of leading software providers for digital supply chain, such as SAP, Kinaxis, and Elixum. We take a client-centered, tool-agnostic approach and analyze requirements without bias towards any technology. This guarantees you will have access to the latest innovations tailored to your strategic goals.

Digital Supply Chain
Services by Camelot

The Best Technology for Your Business

Camelot aligns state-of-the-art digital supply chain solutions with your specific business needs. Explore the cutting-edge technologies we can leverage to elevate your supply chain management to the next level!
Manage and control your supply chain end-to-end with the state-of-the-art cloud planning solution SAP IBP.
Navigate through complexity and variability by leveraging the powerful capabilities of SAP PP/DS on S/4HANA.

Master your digital supply chain transformation with Kinaxis’ scenario planning platform.

Next-generation supply chain planning and risk mitigation with Elixum’s Supply Chain Avatar®.

SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning)

State-of-the-Art Cloud Planning Solution for Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Supply Chain Planning

SAP IBP offers a comprehensive suite of core functions: demand forecasting, demand planning, and demand sensing, inventory management, inventory planning, and inventory optimization, supply planning and optimization, demand-driven planning, capacity and production planning as well as response planning including order confirmation.

To ensure a seamless synchronization between your planning and execution, we closely link it with SAP S/4HANA or any other existing ERP system. That way, you gain the ability to effectively manage and control your entire digital supply chain. This ultimately leads to a high level of customer service and supply reliability while benefiting from optimal inventory levels, reduced costs, and minimal planning efforts.

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Design and Implementation of End-to-End Integrated Business Planning

Our comprehensive approach consists of the design of data models, data interfaces, and user interfaces based on best-practice models and content. The subsequent implementation typically follows a pilot and rollout approach ensuring a smooth transition. Depending on the defined integrated planning processes, functionalities from different licenses are used: IBP S&OP, Demand, Response & Supply, Inventory, Control Tower, and/or DDR.
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Camelot Supply Chain Management Lab with Pre-Configured Best-Practice Processes

Our SCM Lab represents a comprehensive environment designed to showcase to you the full potential of SAP IBP. This pre-configured ecosystem includes SAP IBP and SAP S/4HANA (with ePP/DS), loaded with sample data. It is configured to demonstrate an end-to-end SAP IBP process covering demand planning, supply planning, inventory planning, inventory management, capacity and production planning, detailed scheduling as well as demand-supply alignment.

Camelot offers a range of services to empower your SAP IBP digital supply chain journey:

  • On-hand system boot camps
  • Quick prototyping developments and demonstrations
  • Kick-start implementations with our pre-configured templates
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Constrained Planning with Allocation and Order Confirmation

Using IBP Response & Supply Planning, Camelot establishes your integrated customer order fulfillment process including supply allocation and order confirmation. This allows the automatic allocation of identified supply constraints in the IBP process across markets and customers, which significantly increases your service levels and profitability.
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Move the Status-Quo of Your Digital Supply Chain to the Next Maturity Level with Infused Machine Learning and Collaborative Planning

Is your current implementation not delivering the expected results or lacking business adoption? Our experts will conduct a detailed analysis to identify your areas for improvement and guide you towards achieving the next maturity level of your digital supply chain. This includes closing requirement gaps, automating and improving results by applying advanced machine learning (ML) techniques, or adding custom processes or user interfaces to IBP with SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform). We also link your processes towards an integrated planning approach and upskill your planners through our extensive training and coaching.

One example is improving your demand planning implementation: By leveraging advanced ML algorithms and incorporating external data, Camelot significantly improves your system’s demand forecast accuracy. This translates to a reduction in manual adjustments, streamlining your demand forecasting process, and freeing up valuable resources for your team.


Production Planning & Scheduling with SAP PP/DS on S/4HANA

Mastering Complexity and Unlocking Efficiency with Next-Level Production Planning

Managing complexity and variability is a key challenge for efficient production and capacity planning solutions. Fortunately, recent advancements in technology and business concepts provide a wealth of opportunities to elevate the maturity of production planning operating models. This includes leveraging the powerful capabilities of SAP PP/DS on S/4HANA.

Shape the future of your next-generation production planning solution with Camelot and unlock the full potential of innovative features within SAP PP/DS on S/4HANA for your digital supply chain! 

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SAP PP/DS on S/4HANA Health Check

An unbiased external evaluation of every dimension within your production planning operating model as well as your production planning strategies will unveil the true potential of your planning solution. Benefit from our long-standing SAP PP/DS on S/4HANA implementation experience to bypass common obstacles and accelerate your journey towards production planning excellence. Together, we will develop a clear and actionable improvement roadmap specifically tailored to your needs.
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SAP PP/DS on S/4HANA Migration

Leveraging SAP PP/DS on S/4HANA provides a future-proof production planning solution. It delivers a continuous stream of innovative planning functionalities designed to address your critical business needs. Moreover, with the approaching end-of-lifecycle for SAP APO, migrating to the latest technology offers you a strategic advantage. SAP PP/DS provides two alternative deployment options: embedded within S/4HANA and your SAP ERP core or through the Digital Supply Chain (DSC) edition. A thorough evaluation of your specific environment will determine the most suitable migration path – whether a greenfield implementation or a brownfield upgrade.
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End-to-End Production Planning Solution

A holistic design and implementation of your planning processes, organizational structure, and system support will pave your way to achieve production efficiency. A key competitive advantage lies in synchronizing your production planning solution with Integrated Business Planning (IBP) processes and ensuring seamless integration into production execution within SAP ERP. By strategically leveraging both the standard functionalities of SAP PP/DS on S/4HANA and custom system enhancements tailored to your specific needs, we can pave the way for automated capacity planning.

Digital Supply Chain Insights

An objective outside-in view of your entire supply chain operating model will uncover the unused potential of your end-to-end planning and supply chain simulation solution. At the same time, Camelot leverages technological innovations that Kinaxis RapidResponse (operating under the name Maestro in the future) offers in the field of scenario planning and simulation with strong real-time analytics, and enhanced collaboration features.

By combining our extensive experience with Kinaxis RapidResponse and industry-proven practices, we can assist you in identifying areas for improvement and develop a clear roadmap tailored to your unique requirements. This approach helps you avoid common pitfalls and achieve supply chain planning excellence with our Kinaxis RapidResponse Health Check.

Embark on a journey to success with our comprehensive Kinaxis E2E implementation services. Camelot offers expert guidance throughout the entire process, from the initial assessment and process design to seamless integration within Kinaxis RapidResponse. Our toolkit includes data analytics apps, best-practice frameworks, preconfigured planning templates, and access to top-tier Kinaxis RapidResponse consultants. Additionally, you can experience the future of supply chain simulation with deep-rooted scenario planning capabilities firsthand via our Kinaxis Bootcamp, which fosters early user adoption and ensures a smooth transition.

Digital Supply Chain Transformation with Kinaxis RapidResponse (Maestro)

Camelot as Your Strategic Digital Supply Chain Transformation Partner

We possess a strong track record of creating value within complex supply chain transformations across various industries. This is powered by a profound understanding of industry trends and innovative strength. Through our integrated consulting approach and close collaboration with Kinaxis, Camelot ensures project success in each phase of the consulting process: from decision-making to organizational and technical implementation.

Unified Planning Processes at Zinus

One Source of Truth and Improved Demand Forecast Accuracy with SAP IBP

Zinus Inc. is a rapidly expanding mattress and furniture company headquartered in South Korea. To accelerate growth and improve resilience, Camelot implemented SAP IBP and further applications to digitalize their supply chain processes and integrate sales and operations, demand forecasting, as well as inventory planning. This integrated approach resulted in harmonized planning, improved forecast accuracy, and increased overall visibility across the supply chain.

Supply Chain Planning with Elixum’s Supply Chain Avatar®

We Help You to Orchestrate Your Digital Supply Chain at a New Level

By introducing Elixum’s Supply Chain Avatar®, Camelot empowers you to implement next-generation supply chain planning. We provide comprehensive support to build, plan, simulate, and optimize resilient, sustainable, and agile supply chain networks and can execute supply chain stress tests for you. This fully integrated, collaborative, and visual approach unites the strengths of Elixum’s Advanced Production Planning & Scheduling capabilities with a powerful AI-powered cognitive production planning engine. This combination enables unprecedented levels of decision support and automation across all planning levels, processes, and decision-making tiers.

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Supply Chain Avatar® for Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling

Avatar’s Unified Core Model enables KPI-driven cognitive production planning and scheduling. This supports real-time scenario planning, both vertically and horizontally, along with order sequencing. By leveraging machine learning and modern algorithms to optimize your planning and scheduling, we generate feasible, executable, and realistic production plans for you. This includes advanced functionalities such as risk-aware and stochastic planning, campaign planning, tank planning, and many more.
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Supply Chain Avatar® for Risk and Resilience

Are you tired of “managing” risks? Start proactively incorporating risks into your decision-making! Avatar Strategic Risk and Resilient Capability Management represents a shift in supply chain risk mitigation. Instead of reactive methods, it proactively identifies hidden supply chain vulnerabilities within your network by a supply chain stress test and develops strategies to build up your supply chain resilience. Supply Chain Avatar’s innovative approach uses machine learning, data analytics, and optimization models to mitigate supply chain risks and provide insights into your most vulnerable assets. Finally, the Supply Chain Avatar® quantifies the value at risk and creates your optimal risk mitigation strategy.


Start your journey towards a best-in-class digital supply chain with Camelot!

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A digital supply chain leverages technologies to gather real-time data across all processes, enabling companies to optimize efficiency and respond swiftly to disruptions. In contrast to traditional, siloed systems, this integrated approach provides unparalleled visibility and adaptability throughout your entire value chain.
By embracing supply chain digitalization, your organization can unlock a wealth of real-time data, empowering you to streamline operations, anticipate disruptions, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction. This translates to significant cost reductions and a more competitive edge in today’s dynamic marketplace.

SAP IBP stands for Integrated Business Planning. This cloud-based solution acts as a central hub, covering demand forecasting, demand planning and demand sensing, inventory management, inventory planning, inventory optimization, supply planning and optimization, demand-driven planning, capacity and production planning as well as response planning including order confirmation. By streamlining your processes and leveraging real-time data, SAP IBP empowers your organization to make data-driven decisions and optimize overall efficiency.

SAP PP/DS, or Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling, plays a crucial role in optimizing digital manufacturing processes. It provides advanced functionalities for production scheduling, capacity planning, and material requirements planning (MRP). Within a digital supply chain, SAP PP/DS integrates seamlessly with other SAP modules, enabling real-time adjustments based on demand fluctuations or disruptions, ensuring a more agile and responsive production environment.

A successful digital supply chain strategy is based on three key components:

  • Integration: Seamless data flow across all functions, from demand forecasting to production and delivery
  • Visibility: Real-time insights into inventory levels, production capacity, and potential disruptions across the entire supply chain
  • Agile supply chain: The ability to adapt plans and processes quickly in response to changing market conditions or customer demands
Common challenges during digital supply chain implementation include data quality issues, resistance to change management, and integration complexities. Camelot can address these challenges by providing expertise in data cleansing, change management programs, and system integration. This ensures a smooth and successful implementation.
Digital supply chain solutions like SAP IBP, SAP PP/DS on S/4HANA, Kinaxis RapidResponse, and Elixum help businesses adapt to market fluctuations by providing real-time demand visibility and scenario planning capabilities. This allows companies to proactively adjust production plans, optimize inventory levels, and mitigate potential disruptions, ensuring they can meet changing customer demands efficiently.
The potential cost savings and ROI from implementing digital supply chain solutions like SAP PP/DS on S/4HANA, SAP IBP, Elixum, or Kinaxis RapidResponse can be significant: Reductions in inventory holding costs, improved production efficiency, and enhanced responsiveness to market changes can all contribute to a strong return on investment.

Camelot offers a comprehensive suite of support and resources for businesses adopting digital supply chain strategies. This includes consulting services for strategy development, solution selection, and implementation, as well as ongoing training and support to ensure your organization maximizes the benefits of your digital supply chain transformation.

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