Margin retention

Most pharma companies today report three key trends for pharma logistics:

  • increased need for cost control & retention of margins
  • increasing need to exercise control, i.e. to combat counterfeiting
  • increased need for agility and flexibility

Agility & flexibility

Despite of this, local responsibilities and decentralized data centers remain the “old normal” and are rarely adapted to respond to these trends. A control tower concept, maybe even in combination with support of logistics service providers, backed by a comprehensive IT system, will enable pharma companies to deal with all of the above. And it doesn’t end there: control towers offer many capabilities that, in mid-& long-term scenarios, will be the key to gaining or retaining the competitive edge, specifically in the area of collaboration and business partner integration.

Take your supply chain to new heights and find out what a control tower can bring to your company

  • Report
    • Act as data repository
    • Enable KPI calculation and central reporting
  • Compliant
    • Ensure trade compliance and optimize material & financial flows simultaneously
    • Ensure regulatory compliance (SC visibility) for e.g. serialization / track & trace information
  • Efficient
    • Optimize day-to-day transport operations (planning, execution & freight costs)
    • Facilitate tendering processes with data
  • Control
    • Central collaboration platform
    • Partner & system validation
    • Include warehousing & distribution activities
  • Synchronize
    • Exception management procedures
    • Integrate value-added services
    • Batch recall support
    • Inventory control & forecasting support
In the current state, control towers are often logistics-focused, but we expect them to merge with supply chain planning tasks and grow into end-to-end supply chain control towers.
Andreas Gmür, Partner Logistics