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Generating value from data through data-driven organization strategies

Navigating the Challenges Faced by CIOs in a Data-Driven Era

As guides in their company’s journey toward becoming data-driven, CIOs and analytics experts operate amidst rapidly evolving data and analytics technologies. They must address a variety of challenges: introducing new data-centric paradigms for efficient and profitable analytics, while navigating existing organizational constraints. This involves safeguarding investments in new technologies and making prudent vendor selections.

This balancing act requires them to navigate between robust and flexible solutions, centralized IT versus decentralized services, and maintaining ongoing business while exploring new value propositions.

Generating value from data: Three key drivers are prominent in the realm of data and analytics:

  • Data democratization: Meeting the demand for accessible data across the organization.
  • Reducing time-to-value: Accelerating development and value generation processes.
  • Optimizing data sharing: Efficiently leveraging internal and external data across the value chain.


Our white paper explores effective data-driven organization strategies to maximize value from analytics. Learn how these strategies, including data democratization and reducing time-to-value, can empower your organization’s data initiatives and strategic decision-making processes.

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