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Winds of Change in the Current Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Model

Key Challenges and Attempts Towards Resilience

Navigating the Illusion of Reshoring in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

The concept of ‘reshoring’ is frequently discussed in connection with the current challenges of the pharmaceutical supply chain, which often result in drug shortages. Executives and healthcare authorities recognize the need to “futureproof” against supply disruptions in the pharmaceutical supply chain. However, the question remains: Is reshoring pharmaceutical production closer to the end customer a practical solution or just a theoretical discussion?

Our white paper delves into the critical aspects needed to answer this question about reshoring:

  • Impact of supply chain disruptions: Why do supply chain disruptions particularly affect the pharmaceutical industry?
  • Initiatives in Europe and the US: What measures are being taken to address drug shortages in Europe and the US?
  • Incentives for reshoring: What changes are necessary to encourage reshoring efforts?


We also provide actionable recommendations for key legislators, health authorities and government agencies to ensure a stable and resilient pharmaceutical supply chain.

White Paper: Winds of Change in the Current Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Model

Download the white paper now to gain insights and strategies for navigating the challenges in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

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