SAP Emarsys: The Next-Generation CX-Driven Account Engagement Platform for B2B

SAP Emarsys: The Next-Generation CX-Driven Account Engagement Platform for B2B

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SAP Emarsys is a SAP cloud-based omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) and part of the SAP CX (Customer Experience) portfolio. It offers comprehensive account engagement with personalized marketing communications, supports brand loyalty, and helps to achieve better business outcomes.

End of 2020, SAP acquired Emarsys, a then 800-people company committed to omnichannel- and customer-experience-driven e-commerce with 1,500 customers worldwide. The solution became part of the SAP CX Portfolio as a customer engagement platform. Emarsys has a strong track record for B2C, but it offers a smart way to manage customer engagement for B2B setups that we did not have in an SAP environment before. Time for marketeers and sales managers to find out: What is SAP Emarsys? And what does that mean for the customers already working with the SAP Marketing Cloud and the SAP Sales Cloud?

What is SAP Emarsys?

Emarsys stands for Email MARketing SYStem. The name still hints to the companies roots as a data-based email marketing platform. It evolved into the cloud-based omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) that became part of the SAP Customer Experience (CX) portfolio.

SAP Emarsys connects data from different channels – retail, e-commerce, mobile apps, marketing automation – for a true 360-degree-view of a customer and finds the best point in the customer journey to drive further sales.

A major strength is Emarsys’ user-centric design that helps towards fast and easy onboarding.

How does SAP Emarsys work?

SAP Emarsys works towards a better customer loyalty and a true omnichannel brand experience. A customer-lifecycle specific marketing automation delivers personalized offers and content. All in all, this drives repeat purchases; helps grow retail as well as online and app sales; and ultimately increases the customer lifetime value.

To successfully validate the value to the business, personalization efforts are shown as detailed analyses that map activities against currency value score.

In B2B environments, Emarsys delivers value with a process for marketing automation that drives lead generation and lead qualifying including scoring mechanisms for defined marketing touchpoints. This enables a comprehensive support for customer journeys for B2B marketing campaigns within the SAP environment.

The integration with SAP Sales Cloud ensures a seamless information flow from marketing to sales for the marketing qualified lead (MQL). Predefined tactics are useful to develop marketing campaigns quickly that include best practices.

SAP CX Emarsys Work

Key Capabilities of SAP Emarsys

As an extendable B2C customer engagement platform, SAP Emarsys supports advanced email automation journeys, segmentation based on demographics, email and web performances, and geolocation.

  • AI-Driven Email Marketing: segmentation of contacts, personalization of content, personalized emails for cross-channel campaigns, tracking of results, and optimizing of campaigns.
  • Customer Lifecycle Management: establishing a single unified customer view, with fully synchronized data from any source, including systems like Magento 2.0 and Shopify Plus.
  • Cross-Channel Marketing Automation: simplified cross-channel execution and modernized marketing operations to optimize the entire customer experience.
  • Customer Centric Personalization Engine: customer personalization across multiple channels and devices with individualized content at the right time across multiple channels.
  • Intelligence & Analytics: Provides measure of the revenue impact of marketing campaigns, forecasts campaign results, and easily optimizes the future performance without a dedicated data team. Users get analytics to know what is working now, and AI-based forecast for future steps. Precisely measures marketing and commercial effect.
  • Measurable Business Outcomes: Providing hidden visions across strategic analytics, the customer lifecycle, and operational reports.

Who needs SAP Emarsys?

SAP Emarsys brings the experience built with B2C retail brands into B2B. Marketing professionals and sales professionals benefit from built-in functionalities designed to consolidate data to create a combined customer view, increase regular sales value and manage the entire customer lifecycle, and the possibility to create a marketing automation without licensing another external tool.

First customer benefit cases and pilot projects show that B2B organizations can leverage the magic of this customer experience-driven approach with an integration of SAP Emarsys and SAP Sales Cloud: Using SAP Business Technology Platform, we can smoothly integrate with SAP Sales Cloud to accomplish an enterprise-wide B2B marketing automation solution, building Emarsys into the next generation enterprise lead development platform for the SAP Sales Cloud.

Next to an integration with SAP Sales Cloud, it is possible to include add-ons like a marketing segmentation for SAP Customer Experience. With this extensive customer segmentation, sales and marketing professionals can address the right customers from the SAP Sales Cloud.

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