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SAP Field Service Management

SAP Field Service Management

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Offer Your Clients the Service They Expect: Only the Best!

Today’s clients expect customer service that is immediately available, efficient and reliable.

They want to be able to contact your company via as many channels as possible. These include telephone, service portal, email or automatically via the IoT (Internet of Things). One example of this is a temperature sensor in a water pump that can automatically create a service ticket as soon as the measured temperature rises above a certain threshold value.

Since repair work – in contrast to installation and maintenance work – is often necessary spontaneously and unexpectedly, efficient management of your service staff is essential.

Used by our clients, we recommend the SAP Field Service Management software. By helping you to clearly schedule the appropriate service technicians for the respective service order, it allows your internal service back office to organize your service team quickly and easily.

Efficient Planning of Service Assignments

Scheduling can be done manually or fully automatically according to various criteria such as time availability, required qualification, location and route, etc.

It is not only the planning of service assignments in your service back office that the SAP Field Service Management solution optimizes, however: it also offers mobile (offline) service facilitation to help your field service staff to fully concentrate on their service assignments and dedicate their time to your clients.

Enter Information Directly on Site

In addition to an overview of the planned service orders, your service technicians can – while they are still at the client’s site – efficiently enter all necessary service order information in a supporting workflow. This could, for example, be the amount of work required, kilometers driven, spare parts used or an additional spare parts order.

After the service assignment has been completed, the client’s digital signature is recorded for automated invoicing.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Your customer satisfaction will increase and your service staff will be able to do their work more efficiently.

Finally, SAP Field Service Management provides your service managers with an integrated reporting system to create a variety of analysis options for customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, service revenue, average processing time, etc. It also enables them to provide information at any time.

The following diagram provides an overview of the complete service process with SAP Field Service Management:

SAP Field Service Management


Should you require further information on the topic of SAP Field Service Management, our SAP-certified consultants will be pleased to hear from you with no obligation on your part.

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