Logistics Maturity Self-Assessment

Assess your path to logistics excellence

Today’s logistics landscape is fraught with numerous challenges. From soaring fuel costs to supply chain uncertainties, transport capacity shortages to disruptions caused by conflicts and lockdowns, logistics managers are navigating unprecedented hurdles. Moreover, they’re grappling with demanding megatrends such as sustainability, digital transformation, and regionalization.  

On the flip side, the expectations for logistics and supply chain management are ever-expanding. Maintaining optimized cost levels, ensuring high-performing logistics, and building resilient supply chain operations are now crucial competitive advantages, essential for satisfying customer demands. The urgent imperative to maintain delivery capabilities while meeting service-level requirements places immense pressure on logistics managers. A robust logistics operating model characterized by high process efficiency is indispensable in overcoming today’s challenges.  

Free White Paper: Logistics Maturity Self-Assessment

Wondering if your company’s logistics setup still meets current standards? Our Logistics Maturity Self-Assessment comprises a series of questions and statements covering various logistics criteria and maturity levels. Simply review these questions and check the boxes that best describe your company’s current status.  

Download the self-assessment document to gain insights and inspiration for enhancing your logistics services and setup. 

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