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Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Execution Technologies 2020

In a highly dynamic market environment and many logistics innovations, it is challenging to identify the most promising technologies. This Gartner Hype Cycle offers an objective review of logistics technologies and, we believe, reveals which ones are a must-have for your Logistics Target Vision.

Supply chain and logistics leaders can choose from various emerging supply chain execution technologies. With this hype cycle, Gartner provides insights about the most relevant technologies and gives details about the maturity, productivity and risk levels of each. They are judged across mutiple industries and geographies.

Find out which Solutions fit your Digital Logistics Target Vision

We believe that the logistics technologies listed by Gartner can be categorized into five major innovation areas: Logistics Visibility, Digital Warehousing, Transport Management, Digital Twin Network Simulation & Design and Logistics Innovations. Each area includes disrupting logistics developments. The key to success is to identify the right mix of these future logistics technologies and to develop a step-by-step transformation plan. The time to create a logistics roadmap is now, as the first disrupting technologies are close to become mature for real-world integration.

Innovation Areas for Logistics

There are many emerging technologies to be applied in logistics. The following selection, based on Gartner’s research and our expertise as a digital frontrunner, shows what logistics leaders need to look out for in the time ahead.

Logistics Visibility

  • Prioritized Investment: Logistics Visibility technology is a top priority in the next 12 months
  • Global Logistics Visibility: Real end-to-end visibility becomes a key competence of supply chain organizations

  • Risk-intolerance: 48% of Gartner’s interviewees are identified as risk-intolerant and pursue Logistics Visibility
  • Predictive Analytics: Improve your Logistics Visibility with reliable predictive solutions

Digital Warehouse

  • Digital Twin Simulations: Create, visualize and simulate warehouse processes with innovative tools 
  • Warehouse Humanoids: Introduction of humanoids to warehouses with a step-by-step approach
  • WMS Evolution: Broad variety of WMS enhancements: Simulation, Modelling, Resource, Planning and Control Systems
  • Supplementary Tools and Concepts: Learn what Gartner advises to tackle Return Logistics challenges
  • Enabling IoT: Maturing IoT devices added to warehouse allow real-time movements controls and positioning – Entry point for robotics

Transport Management

  • Last-Mile-Delivery Solutions: Tackling high-volatile delivery horizons with ML and AI to satisfy future customers demands
  • Digitized Freight Networks: Harmonize shipper’s freight demand and carrier’s capacity on an integrated Transport Management Platform
  • Transportation Forecasting: Achieve reliable freight demand-sensing through supply chain convergence
  • Web-based Logistics Platforms: Integrate the advantages of simplified freight booking experiences with solutions like SAP LBN
  • Real-Time Transportation Visibility: Enable real-time visibility for tomorrow’s track & trace solutions

Network Design

  • Digital Twins in Network Design: Simulate different segments of a supply chain individually
  • Network Material Flow: Predictive analytics of future material flows allow guidance for network designers
  • Enhanced Site Development: Reliably identify future required network’s site size with pattern recognition through machine learning
  • Tender Effect Simulation: Directly simulate performance levels and impacts of potential new partners on your network
  • Holistic Perspectives: Foster convergence and different perspectives on processes from one business unit to the whole organization

Logistics Innovations

  • 5G for Digital Operations: IoT devices empowered by 5G networks optimize logistics processes
  • Supply Chain Convergence: Break down silos and change process perspectives from vertical to diagonal
  • Blockchain in Logistics: Implement source-to-good authentication, secure event tracking, etc.
  • Supply Chain as a Service: Think about new revenue streams and business models
  • Predictive Logistics: Transform logistics from reacting to acting through scenario simulation and modelling

Key Factors for a Value-Driven Logistics Vision

Logistics Technology Innovations

Choosing the right logistics technology mix is key for value creation

Organizational Collaboration

Stakeholder and change management from strategy to execution

Agile and Smart Project Approach

Flexible project-scoping and focus with a clear target picture

Business and IT integration

Harmonize processes and IT landscapes to leverage full potential

Customer-Centric Perspective

Fulfill your clients’ demand and accompany their journey

Latest Thinking about Logistics Innovations


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