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We are still the same company and the same people, but we look better now.

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We have evolved our branding to communicate better what makes us unique in the market: 

End-to-end consulting, from strategies to innovation to solutions, with a focus on value chain management.

In the past, we operated under two separate brands: Camelot ITLab for technology consulting and implementation and Camelot Management Consultants for management consulting services. Now, we’re bringing everything under one unified brand, Camelot Management Consultants. The new branding reflects our evolution as a company and our aim to provide you with the best possible support from a single source.

We are now part of the Camelot Management Consultants brand.

Camelot Management Consultants is the brand name through which the member firms Camelot Management Consultants AG, Camelot ITLab GmbH, and their local subsidiaries operate and deliver their services.

This means: We have a new logo, a modernized visual identity, and a new website.

While our look and feel may have changed, existing contracts and commitments with our clients and partners as well as the group structure and shareholdings remain unchanged, and you can expect the same high quality and support as always. 

#OneBrand, #OneWebsite

Discover our new brand experience, explore our end-to-end services, and learn more about what Camelot can do for you!

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