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S/4HANA Prestudy: Argumentation for CxOs 

A Strategic Roadmap for Your S/4HANA Transformation

An S/4HANA Transformation Is Essential – the Only Questions Are “How?” and “When”?

With the Camelot S/4HANA prestudy, you’ll address questions like:  

  • What conditions are necessary for SAP S/4HANA to become the Digital Core that transforms your company into an Intelligent Enterprise?  
  • If you opt for the S/4HANA transformation, what costs and efforts will your organization face, and what benefits can be expected? 

Benefits of the Camelot S/4HANA Prestudy  

  • Gain an early overview of upcoming investments 
  • Assess organization and time dimensions in advance (roadmap) 
  • Understand the impact of technical decisions on innovation capability 

Business and Technology Integration  

Our Camelot S/4HANA prestudy seamlessly integrates both the business and technology perspectives, providing a holistic view of the transformation. 

S/4HANA Transformation: A Milestone for Your Company – and Your Career 

SAP S/4HANA serves as the digital core for an Intelligent Enterprise, systematically harnessing the potential of new digital technologies. Implementing SAP S/4HANA is a significant project, requiring thorough preparation. Discover the best strategy for your S/4 project: Our Camelot S/4HANA prestudy ensures transformation success. 

S/4HANA Prestudy from Light to Extended: Tailored Solutions for Every Demand 

  • Quick readiness scan with recommended actions and rough cost calculation 
  • Prestudy light featuring process target pictures and benefit case 
  • Prestudy or prestudy extended with a detailed business case and process templates 


In this white paper, you’ll learn more about the added value of our S/4HANA Prestudy and how it supports you in finding the optimal approach to your S/4HANA transformation.  

Download the White Paper Now for Free:

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