Next-Level Test Automation

New approaches to reduce testing effort in a fast-paced world

A Visionary Perspective on Test Automation

The software development landscape is experiencing a rapid evolution. As the amount of software within enterprises increases and code releases occur faster than ever, there is a shortage of testing experts who can ensure the quality of the software. By 2030, the global talent shortage is expected to reach 85.2 million.  

Additionally, testing requires a huge manual effort, costing businesses tremendous resources. Manual testing is also slow and inflexible, as it is time- and tester-dependent. Therefore, Camelot’s Hyperautomation experts suggest an approach that not only replaces manual testing efforts but also enables flexibility and velocity through test automation. 

Key Statistics Underscore the Need for Change 

  • 39 % of testing leaders report that their current testing of key applications does not cover everything that is needed.
  • 57 % of respondents reported code is released twice as fast.


This white paper sets the focus on answering common questions regarding automation: 

  • What challenges are testing teams facing?
  • How do Camelot’s customers solve these challenges?
  • Why does Test Automation open up previously untapped potential?


Discover innovative approaches in test automation to streamline testing efforts in a fast-paced world. Download our white paper now for actionable insights and strategies.


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