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Best practices for successful SAP transport management (SAP TM)

Supporting the Supply Chain’s Resilience with Digital Logistics Processes

With 125 years of experience, Raiffeisen Waren GmbH is a trusted trading company offering products, services, and solutions in the agricultural and agricultural machinery sectors. Renowned for its customer-centric approach, quality offerings, and exceptional service, Raiffeisen prioritizes staying close to its customers to maintain a competitive edge.  

Over time, the company’s processes had become more complex, making it difficult to automate and expand dispatch and transport management. This hindered the company’s ability to grow effectively and embrace digitalization. Moreover, the lack of standardized processes across the organization made dispatch processing inefficient. 

In response, Raiffeisen embarked on a reorganization of its transport management system (TMS), beginning with the building materials division as the first pilot. Camelot provided support by defining and implementing standardized dispatch and transport processes for both outbound and inbound logistics. Alongside standardization, automation of transport planning processes emerged as another crucial focus area.  

The pilot project with the building materials division aimed to achieve:  

  • Standardization of all transport processes  
  • Process optimization  
  • Transparency  
  • Future-proofing of the TMS solution  


Success Story: Transport Management Supports Growth at Raiffeisen Waren GmbH

Discover more about the SAP transport management project at Raiffeisen Waren GmbH in our client success story. 

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