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Capacity Shortage in Transportation

A guide to avoiding outages for your business

Capacity shortages in transportation are an ongoing challenge, leading to higher costs for shippers and delivery delays for customers. Despite this, many shippers haven’t updated their transport management strategies to handle such disruptions proactively. The frequency of supply chain interruptions, like those caused by global events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, is increasing.  

Recent challenges include:  

  • Limited transport capacity due to government shutdowns.  
  • Lack of visibility for goods in transit.  
  • Breakdown of vendor structures and lack of contingency plans.  
  • Rising freight rates due to market shifts.  


In response, Camelot Management Consultants conducted a survey to understand how shippers and carriers are managing these issues. Preparing a “plan B” is crucial to ensuring business sustainability. 

The survey was sent to logistics transport specialists, primarily based in Europe, including both shippers and carriers, with a total of 42 participants from various industries. 

To gain insights and a guideline on managing transport capacity shortages, download our study now. 

Download the Free Study Now:

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