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An important step towards a sustainable supply chain

Business Model Innovation

Building the value chain models of tomorrow that drive innovation and future competitive advantage.​

Embracing business model innovation

Virtually every day, we can observe changes in business models: e-commerce challenging brick and mortar retail, traditional sales being disrupted by crowdsourcing, sharing economy, and circular business to name but a few. Also, carbon footprint and sustainability are gaining influence on consumer, business, and financing decisions. Personalization and digital health are further trends that are transforming consumption and decision-making.

In times of constantly changing business models, we build the value chain models of the future for our clients: Imagine a world where virtual planners simulate a supply chain decision and help you address risks and trade-offs well ahead of time. In which the entire value chain is fully synchronized with end-customer demand. In which you can instantly understand not only the financial but also the sustainability impact of your decisions. Imagine: the future is now.

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How we help clients

Value chain blueprint of the future​

  • Alignment of your supply chain strategy with core industry and business trends​
  • New cross-functional operating models​
  • Value chain organization of the future​

E-, crowd, and sharing business: enabling business innovation​

  • Value chain design for new business models in the e-commerce/circular economy space​
  • Agile process from idea to implementation​
  • Support of process design and technology strategy​

​Digital value chain strategy​

  • Tangible vision of how digital will transform value chains – from management decisions to routine tasks​
  • Insights into use cases, technical landscape, and change impact​

  • Development of strategy, business case, and change concept​

Digital transformation​

  • Embedding digital in strategy, organization, and processes​
  • Portfolio management of digital initiatives; technology strategy & partnering​

Demand-Driven business model​

  • Design of new operating model and processes balancing responsiveness and stability​
  • Rule-based supply chain configuration and parametrization​
  • Linking all processes to demand tact, while minimizing internal variability​

Sustainable value chain strategy​

  • Embedding CO2 footprint in a holistic value chain assessment​
  • Understanding CO2 impact and value chain drivers​
  • Identification of measures maximizing CO2 reduction, supply chain performance, and P&L impact​
Thomas Ebel, Partner Value Strategy & Transformation, CAMELOT Management Consultants​
The value chains of the future need to deeply embed sustainability into every aspect – from strategic design to daily decision-making.

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CAMELOT’s 25+ years of experience in strategic value chain design and optimization is the reason why clients turn to us. We pioneer changes in value chain models while we are acknowledging the role of digital.​

Holistic vision of business & value chain model​

Clients benefit from our profound industry expertise and insights into business model trends, from our integrated approach to innovating business and value chain models​ as well as from our framework to consider and synchronize functional to business effects​.

Frontrunning and anticipating step-changes in value chain models​

Our consultants leverage a first-class understanding of the trends impacting value chain management, such as sharing economy, green value chain, or digital​. We are recognized thought leaders and pioneers of game-changing value chain concepts, and provide experience in technology-driven business model innovation.

Acknowledging the role of digital in business model innovation​

We have comprehensive expertise in building digital operating models. CAMELOT effectively connects strategy with data science and digital solutions. We provide digital transformation accelerators, e.g. our capability framework, as well as leading practices​.


Thomas Ebel Camelot

Thomas Ebel

Partner Value Chain Strategy & Transformation​

Experienced value chain strategist helping companies transform their value chain into a value engine for the business, bringing together strategy and digital innovation.

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