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Supply Chain Transformation

Transforming the supply chain from a cost factor into a real value engine creates a competitive edge and delivers outstanding returns.

From cost factor to value engine

In the past decade, supply chains have widely been treated as pure cost factors. The logical consequence was an increase in cost-cutting initiatives – implemented via process standardizations, enforced inventory reductions, or layoffs. However, today’s business reality tells another story: expectations of very heterogeneous customer groups are increasing, which results in a fragmented, continually changing, and highly competitive market environment. Resilient and adaptive supply chains can be critical drivers of business value and companies’ key to outperforming the competition.

However, the job is tough: an effective transformation goes far beyond merely changing processes or tools. It needs a clear vision, top management buy-in, and a careful orchestration in changing and developing people’s roles, work content, and capabilities.

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How we help clients

Supply chain envisioning workshop

  • Learn from supply chain leaders across industries
  • Visualize supply chain target state 1, 3, and 5 years out
  • Out-of-the-box thinking to optimize total profit, growth potential, performance & health

Executive team alignment

  • Fact-based insights on supply chain performance and root causes
  • Foundation for practical supply chain trade-offs
  • From blame game to effective collaboration

Supply chain change management

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Change story development
  • Change and communication strategy
  • Targeted change management interventions

Transformation analytics

  • Tracking sentiment through anonymized feedback dialogues
  • Change management cockpit with early warning indicators
  • Personalized feeds (e.g., information, training content) to address specific challenges

Capability building

  • Systematic skill-gap analysis
  • Capability program design based on adult learning principles
  • Repository of key functional and personal skills in supply chain management

Program management

  • Systematic status and impact tracking tools and management process
  • Program management office setup, toolkit, and routines
  • Supply chain KPI systems and performance dashboards
Markus Kuhl, Head of Value Chain Strategy and Performance, CAMELOT Management Consultants
To remain successful in today’s constantly changing business circumstances, we need to do things completely different, not just slightly optimized. We at CAMELOT believe in the power of a transformation towards a truly adaptive supply chain to overcome the shortcomings of past decades.

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CAMELOT is a global leader in strategic supply chain and network design with a strong track record of many large supply chain transformations across various industries, enabled by a deep understanding of industry trends and our innovative edge. From strategy to results.

Leading SCM expertise

Supply chain management is one of CAMELOT’s core capabilities. Both clients and analysts have acclaimed our consultancy services and project results for their excellent quality and innovation.

First-hand industry expertise

We are a group of practitioners with deep first-hand understanding of industry trends. Our consultants are sought advisors for strategic supply chain design in our core industries.

Adaptive supply chain design

We leverage digital technologies and analytics to make strategic design adaptive and Demand-Driven. Our ready-to-use solutions make strategic design happen – data-driven, fast, and holistic


Markus Kuhl

Head of Value Chain Strategy & Performance

Following the vision of perfectly aligned digital value chains, Markus’ mission is to transform clients’ value chains from a cost driver into a real competitive advantage

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