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Online Game: Experience DDMRP

Take your DDMRP knowledge to the next level

How does DDMRP Work?​

With our brand-new and worldwide first-of-its-kind DDMRP Game, you can now easily experience DDMRP by yourself. The game is free, no registration required. A friendly chatbot will give you an introduction and guide you through your supply chain planning decisions. Demand-Driven Materials Requirements Planning (DDMRP) is a concept helping you master volatility and it is an important building block for achieving higher resilience. Start the game now to learn more! Tip: You´ll have the best experience on a device with a larger screen. ​

Imagine to be Supply Chain Manager at our fictive company MOVE AHEAD making decisions in inventory planning.​

You will immediately see the impact of your decisions and learn more about how to best adjust parameters like Minimum Order Quantity or Average Daily Usage.​​

And at the end, you can make it to our leader board and become more successful with each round of playing!​​​


Dr. Ulrich Wetterauer

Head of Value Chain Design & Configuration

Thought leader and architect for innovative operating models, helping clients to outperform competition through value chain excellence

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