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Connecting SAP Datasphere with PowerBI Using OData Service

How to integrate SAP Datasphere and Power BI using data service

Consumption of Data from SAP Datasphere in Power BI

The business intelligence tool Power BI offers benefits and capabilities that enables organizations to leverage organizational data effectively, make informed decisions, and drive business growth.

The combination of SAP Datasphere and Power BI enhances the capabilities of both platforms, enabling users to leverage SAP Datasphere’s data sources within Power BI for comprehensive data analysis, visualization, and reporting. This integration promotes data-driven decision-making, improved collaboration, and greater agility in responding to business insights.

This documentation provides a general reference on how to integrate SAP Datasphere and Power BI using Data Service, to use SAP Datasphere entities as Data Sources for Power BI Queries. It will cover the following steps:

  • Creation of OAuth Client
  • Generating Code Grant Token
  • Generating Refresh Token using Open API Postman
  • Creating Power BI Blank Query Data Source
  • Consuming SAP Datasphere Entities in Power BI


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