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S/4HANA Prestudy: Argumentation for CxOs

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A S/4HANA Transformation Is Necessary – the Only Questions Are “How?” and “Why”?

With the CAMELOT S/4HANA prestudy you answer questions like:

  • Under what conditions can SAP S/4HANA become the Digital Core that turns your company into an Intelligent Enterprise?
  • Assuming you decide on the S/4HANA transformation, what costs and effort will your organization incur and what benefits?

Benefits of the CAMELOT S/4HANA Prestudy

Gaining an early overview of upcoming investments

Assessing the dimensions of organization and time in advance (roadmap)

Understanding the impact of technical decisions on innovation capability

White paper S4hana prestudy

Business and Technology Needed

Our CAMELOT S/4HANA prestudy integrates both the business perspective and the technology perspective.

The combination of both perspectives allows a holistic view of the transformation.

S/4HANA Transformation: The Milestone for Your Company – and Your Career

SAP S/4HANA is the digital core for an Intelligent Enterprise, which systematically utilizes the potential of all new digital technologies. The introduction of SAP S/4HANA is a mammoth project – and must therefore be well prepared.

Find the best strategy for your S/4 project: Our CAMELOT S/4HANA prestudy secures transformation success.

S/4HANA from Light to Extended: the Right Fit for Every Demand

  • Readiness quick scan with recommended actions and rough cost calculation
  • Prestudy light with process target pictures and benefit case
  • Prestudy or prestudy extended with business case and process templates

In this white paper, you will learn more about the added value from our S/4HANA Prestudy and how it supports you in finding the best approach to your S/4HANA transformation


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