Camelot Recognized as Best Consultants for 10 Consecutive Years

Continuously high project quality and customer satisfaction


Mannheim, 03/21/2023 – For the tenth time in a row, Camelot Management Consultants have been recognized as Germany’s “Best Consultants” by the business magazine brand eins and statista – in no less than six categories: Purchasing/Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Organization, Chemicals/Pharmaceuticals, Mechanical and Plant Engineering, and Consumer Goods & Retail. Top marks from clients for the quality of the consulting projects as well as numerous recommendations from other consulting companies were crucial for the honor.

“This year, we are particularly pleased with the award. To be consistently among the best since the award was first presented 10 years ago is an extraordinary recognition of our work. We would like to thank all our clients for the many positive ratings,” says Libor Kotlik, Managing Partner at Camelot. He also sees Camelot as a consulting specialist for the management of value chains well equipped for the future: “Given the numerous problems in global supply chains in a lasting uncertain economic environment, our expertise is more relevant than ever.”

Risk-Aware Cost Improvement

The topic of cost optimization in the value chain, which many client organizations are presently looking into, is one of Camelot’s current consulting focus areas. Classic cost reduction programs fall short in the prevailing situation, as they tend to jeopardize the business. Camelot instead offers an approach that protects customer service in an environment of increasing uncertainty and shortage while optimizing the total cost to serve. As a result, companies benefit from cost competitiveness with no negative impact on customer service.

For the Best Consultants study by brand eins and statista, more than 2,000 partners from consulting firms and over 1,500 executives in small, medium, and large companies gave their recommendations on the best consulting firms. Based on the assessments of both groups, leaderboards were created for 16 industries and 19 work areas.

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