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Camelot Group Mourns Death of Founder Josef Packowski

Josef Packowski, founder of the CAMELOT Group, passed away unexpectedly.


Mannheim, 02/20/2022 – Josef Packowski, founder of the Camelot Group, passed away unexpectedly last Thursday after a short severe illness. Camelot mourns the loss of an exceptional entrepreneur and thought leader. His life’s work will be carried on in his spirit.

For almost three decades, Josef Packowski presided over the Camelot Group, which he founded. On February 16, 2023, the entrepreneur passed away unexpectedly. He leaves behind a life’s work that he led to worldwide success.

Josef Packowski


A visionary thinking one step ahead

Josef Packowski was not only highly regarded within his own company, he was also very well-known and respected throughout the consulting and IT industry. Early on, he initiated innovations in the field of supply chain management and thus repeatedly shaped the way global companies orchestrate their value chains, an elementary challenge that is more relevant than ever, not only in terms of sustainability and resilience.

As an author and as lecturer at renowned universities, Josef Packowski was widely networked and inspired generations of young students. He translated his ideas, values, and visions into methodical and technological solutions on a large scale. He always was a sought-after thought leader for customers and partners alike.

In addition to his activities as an entrepreneur and lecturer, Josef Packowski was also strongly committed to social projects. He was a member of the Lions Club and supported a variety of social projects with a particular focus on educational institutions.

His legacy is continued

The business activities of the Camelot Group will be continued in the spirit of the late founder under the leadership of the current management members Jorma Gall, Libor Kotlik, and Steffen Joswig. The Camelot workforce worldwide is committed to continuing his legacy and successfully implementing innovative concepts and solutions for customers.

A memorial service will be held on Saturday, February 25, 2023, at 11:00 am at Mannheim Main Cemetery. Expressions of sympathy can be directed to the Camelot headquarters office in Mannheim.

For the deceased, the Frank Herrmann Foundation was a special matter of the heart. Instead of flowers and floral wreaths, his family asks for a donation in favor of the foundation at Deutsche Bank AG, Mannheim, IBAN DE94 6707 0024 0029 6350 00; Intended use: Dr. Josef Packowski.


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