Camelot Campaign Planner & Designer Recognized as SAP Industry Cloud Solution

Process industry clients benefit from an agile supply chain and reduced variability.


Mannheim, October 11, 2023 – Camelot today announced that its Camelot Campaign Planner & Designer has been recognized as a SAP Industry Cloud Solution. The application delivers campaign and production wheel planning specifically to customers from the process industry, addressing their need to reduce variability along the supply chain. Additionally, it provides end-to-end process visibility to improve supply chain efficiency. The solution is available to global SAP customers on the SAP® Store.

SAP’s Industry Cloud solutions enable customers to benefit from innovative and specialized applications that extend the Intelligent Suite to address industry-specific needs and are implemented on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

The implementation of Camelot Campaign Planner & Designer can meaningfully extend the SAP Digital Supply Chain portfolio by providing the following functionality:

  • Production Wheel Planning: The so-called “rhythm-wheel approach” delivers the right balance between reducing cost (through optimizing changeover times and inventory) and maximizing throughput. It helps to stabilize the production network and frees up capacity to increase delivery flexibility.
  • Automated Planning: A parameter-controlled, automated scheduling logic enables the creation of a reliable and feasible production plan.
  • Resilient Supply Chain Planning: The solution provides a stable production plan over the planning horizon and dampens existing variability to reduce the bullwhip effect.


“We packaged our 27 years of supply chain experience in process and consumer goods industries as dedicated functionalities and algorithms. With Camelot Campaign Planner & Designer, business leaders can now solve the challenge of balancing flexibility and stability”, said Aseem Gaur, Executive Vice President at Camelot. Customers gain flexibility to better react to market demands and deliver higher service levels. At the same time, they get the stability needed to improve utilization of assets, especially bottleneck resources, thereby reducing cost. Camelot Campaign Planner & Designer helps companies to free up 15 to 40% of production capacity, reduce finished goods inventory levels by up to 35%, increase service levels by up to 25%, and reduce working capital by up to 30%.

Camelot Campaign Planner & Designer integrates with SAP Integrated Business Planning and SAP S/4HANA MPS and is available on the SAP® Store, SAP Store delivers a simplified and connected digital customer experience for finding, trying, buying, and renewing more than 2,300 solutions from SAP and its partners.

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