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Data-Driven Advanced: The Marathon of Generating Value from Data

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How CIOs Operate Effectively between Cutting-edge and Legacy

As tour guides in their company’s journey towards a data-driven organization, and in an environment where data and analytics technologies evolve in what seems to be constantly faster innovation cycles, CIOs and analytics experts need to face diverse challenges.

On the one hand, they are driving the introduction of new data-centric paradigms. The goal is to make complex analytics tasks manageable so that they can be executed quickly and profitably. On the other hand, they operate around the limitations of their existing organization. Parallel to this, they need to safeguard their investments in new technologies and make sure to take measured steps when selecting vendors.

This means, they constantly face the need to succeed in a balancing act: between robust and flexible; between centralized IT and decentralized services; between ongoing business and new value propositions.

Three underlying major drivers are currently clearly noticeable in the area of data & analytics:

  • the demand for data democratization,
  • the desire to achieve short development or value generation times, and
  • the resulting need for to optimally share internal and external data for analytical purposes – along the value chain inside and outside the company.
Generating Value from Data

This white paper highlights approaches to realize data democratization, decrease time-to-value for data, and data marketplaces as an option to share data. The combination of approaches meets the needs faced by CIOs and analytics executives. They also connect the technology layer with the organizational layer – an essential key to the success of modern data strategies.

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