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An important step towards a sustainable supply chain

Value Chain Performance Improvement

Value chain leaders use the full range of measures to become an engine for business value: from optimal configuration and parametrization to synchronization along the value chain to fit-for-purpose operating models.​

A new era of value chain optimization​

With rising cost pressure, growing complexity, and uncertainty of the environment, the bar is rising for today’s business leaders. The low-hanging fruits are largely captured, and advanced approaches are necessary to move from administration to process improvement and ultimately to business model optimization, proving the extensive business value of value chain management.​

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How we help clients

Optimal configuration​

  • Development and evaluation of alternative configuration and decoupling scenarios​

  • Simulation and optimization of alternative designs with respect to service, total cost, and profitability impact​

Parametrization/working capital optimization​

  • Define optimal parametrization from supplier to distribution​
  • Driver-based working capital optimization ​
  • Validation of trade-offs and impact on financial value​

Maturity & opportunity assessment​

  • Systematic assessment of process maturity against the leading practice model​
  • Using CAMELOT analyzers for data-driven opportunity detection in service, cost, and capital​

Process cost excellence​

  • Process cost analysis and cost optimization/zero-based budgeting​
  • Use of process mining for accelerated process analysis, design, and implementation​
  • Agile process re-design, advance quickly from idea to pilot​

Fit-for-purpose operating models​

  • Deep understanding of operating model characteristics​
  • Detailed design of best-fit organization, roles & responsibilities, and governance ​

Performance management​

  • Design of performance management systems that cover the strategic, tactical, and operational level as well as a prospective and retrospective view​
  • Metrics definition and redesign of incentive systems​
Ulrich Wetterauer, Head of Value Chain Design & Configuration, CAMELOT Management Consultants​
In leading enterprises, the supply chain delivers real bottom-line business value by innovation and end-to-end optimization – creating a competitive advantage.

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CAMELOT links strategy to execution to make improvements real – based on superior practices in our core industries and strong innovations.​

Leading practices for your industry​

We leverage 25+ years of experience in improving value chain performance in our core industries. With blueprints, we guide quick value capture. Clients benefit from our strong track record in delivering cash, cost, and service improvements​.

Linking strategy and execution​

CAMELOT provides viable concepts that enable fast execution​, a demonstrated capability to generate buy-in across the organization as well as proven approaches and organizational know-how to implement the strategy​.

Data-driven value chain optimization​

Our CAMELOT analyzer technologies enable fast opportunity detection. We offer proprietary CAMELOT solutions for superior value chain performance, and leverage partnerships with 3rd party innovators, e.g. in process mining.


Dr. Ulrich Wetterauer

Head of Value Chain Design & Configuration

Thought leader and architect for innovative operating models, helping clients to outperform competition through value chain excellence

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