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An important step towards a sustainable supply chain

Value Chain Assessment

Cost-efficient, service-oriented, sustainable, and resilient: with a new approach to value chain assessment we help you pave the way towards a best-in-class value chain.

A new approach towards value chain excellence

Rising global disruptions, growing pressure towards sustainable operating models, increasingly demanding customers, and continued cost pressure require a balanced design approach for value chains. Value chain excellence can be reached by focusing on the right set of performance drivers and by embedding it in every part of the value chain.

A comprehensive maturity assessment should be the foundation of your transformation initiatives. With a new approach that also considers the topics of sustainability and resilience, we help you benchmark your value chain and identify key improvement areas.

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What is value chain excellence?

We believe that today’s best-in-class value chains need to be balanced across several dimensions. Besides traditional optimization targets, new approaches need to be considered. Excellent value chains are:


Optimal end-to-end value chain cost


Clear customer focus aligned with business strategy


environmental and social targets


Robust and flexible value chain design

How to reach value chain excellence?

Becoming excellent in every part of the value chain is a multilayered challenge. We see five important performance drivers for excellence throughout the whole value chain:


  • Purpose-driven segmentations along the value chain to keep the right focus
  • Tailored value chains to best meet underlying business requirements
  • Linking different strategies to different value chain segments


  • End-to-end visibility on the right level of detail to enable robust decision-making
  • Structured ex-post data analytics and KPI measurement as basis for continuous improvement
  • What-if scenario analysis to increase value chain resilience


  • No-touch process automatization for basic and repetitive tasks (e.g., RPI)
  • Rule-based parameter setting and renewal throughout the supply chain
  • Alert generation with link to actions based on pre-defined thresholds


  • Fact-based decision-making instead of judgmental conclusions
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics enabling data-driven decision-making
  • ML and AI-based approaches for advanced optimization


  • Consequent focus on the fulfilment of customer needs
  • Seamless integration of customers into end-to-end value chain
  • Close collaboration between supply chain and commercial to include customer expectations

Which value chain dimensions to look at?

CAMELOT’s structured assessment approach takes an all-around view on your value chain performance – from strategy to digital enablement.


  • Channel & customer strategy
  • Product & portfolio strategy
  • Asset & network strategy
  • Replenishment & production strategy
  • Sourcing & procurement strategy

Design & configuration

  • Network structure & configuration
  • Value streams & material flows
  • Buffer allocation & decoupling
  • Replenishment strategy
  • Parameter setting & renewal


  • Integrated business planning
  • Demand planning & forecasting
  • Supply & production planning
  • Supplier order management & execution
  • Customer order management & execution


  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Organizational structure & sizing
  • Target setting & KPIs
  • Meeting structure & communication
  • Culture & capabilities

Digital enablement

  • Digital vision & strategy
  • Digital mindset & maturity
  • System & tool architecture
  • Data quality & transparency
  • Analytical capabilities & applications
Markus Kuhl, Head of Value Chain Strategy & Performance, CAMELOT Management Consultants
Robust and resilient value chains are the backbone and key value driver of each company and ultimately the prerequisite for future economic prosperity. The identification of current weaknesses and the clear focus on achieving value chain excellence is second to none to remain successful in an increasingly competitive environment.

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CAMELOT links strategy to execution to make improvements real – based on superior practices in our core industries and strong innovations.​

Leading practices for your industry​

We leverage 25+ years of experience in improving value chain performance in our core industries. With blueprints, we guide quick value capture. Clients benefit from our strong track record in delivering cash, cost, and service improvements​.

Linking strategy and execution​

CAMELOT provides viable concepts that enable fast execution​, a demonstrated capability to generate buy-in across the organization as well as proven approaches and organizational know-how to implement the strategy​.

Data-driven value chain optimization​

Our CAMELOT analyzer technologies enable fast opportunity detection. We offer proprietary CAMELOT solutions for superior value chain performance, and leverage partnerships with 3rd party innovators, e.g. in process mining.


Markus Kuhl

Head of Value Chain Strategy & Performance

Following the vision of perfectly aligned digital value chains, Markus’ mission is to transform clients’ value chains from a cost driver into a real competitive advantage

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