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Supply Chain Design

To leverage its full potential, the supply chain needs to be designed in a truly end-to-end manner – spanning from suppliers to distribution, segmented, adaptive, and dynamic, and with a clear view on total cost and profitability.

Adaptive supply chain design is key to unlock competitive advantage

Today’s global marketplace is changing. The base of competition has moved from products to solutions and end-to-end supply chains. But companies are struggling to design adaptive supply chains to keep up. While they have often widely exploited operational improvement, the need for optimal strategic design and continuous adjustment of supply networks is more significant than ever. Companies need to move to a multi-dimensional approach to network design to achieve the required levels of service, cost, risk, flexibility, and innovation.

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How we help clients

Supply chain strategy and segmentation

  • Customer and market-driven supply chain strategy
  • Focus on driving competitive advantage and value for the business
  • Systematic segmentation and design of operating model

Supply chain design

  • End-to-end supply chain design and configuration
  • Greenfield (e.g. e-commerce, new product line) and brownfield design approach
  • Use of best-practice operating models and processes

External supply strategy

  • Systematic mapping of supplier network performance, risk, and flexibility
  • External supply strategies on regional/ technology level
  • Strategic supplier segmentation and consolidation
  • Partnering approaches

Production network strategy

  • Holistic demand & supply assessment
  • Outside-in view: impacts of market, technology, and industry trends
  • Footprint optimization and asset strategy (‘make vs. buy’)
  • Business case review and financial modeling

Demand-Driven Operating Model

  • Design of Demand-Driven Replenishment and Demand-Driven Scheduling Processes
  • Organization structure and flow metrics/KPIs
  • Link to strategic planning
  • Benefit analysis and business case calculation

Strategic network healthcheck

  • Systematic evaluation of end-to-end network performance
  • Screening for tactical and structural opportunities across cost, service, capital, flexibility, risk, sustainability
  • Transformation roadmap
Dr. Ulrich Wetterauer, Head of Value Chain Design and Configuration, CAMELOT Management Consultants
Strategic supply chain and network design is ripe for a change: from a one-off, reactive effort to continuous monitoring and adaptation. The winners are effectively empowering strategic decision making with data and analytics in a dynamic innovation process.

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CAMELOT is a leader in strategic supply chain and network design, proven by a strong track record of successful projects, enabled by both our deep understanding of industry trends and our innovative edge.

Track-record in supply chain design

Supply chain management is one of CAMELOT’s core capabilities. Both clients and analysts have acclaimed our consultancy services and project results for their excellent quality and innovation.

First-hand industry expertise

We are a group of practitioners with a profound first-hand understanding of industry trends. Our consultants are sought advisors for strategic supply chain design in our core industries.

Adaptive supply chain design

We leverage digital technologies and analytics to make strategic design adaptive and Demand-Driven. Our ready-to-use solutions turn strategic design into reality: data-driven, fast, holistic.​


Dr. Ulrich Wetterauer

Head of Value Chain Design & Configuration

Thought leader and architect for innovative operating models, helping clients to outperform competition through value chain excellence

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