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Mastering complexity and volatility with next-level production planning

Production Planning & Scheduling

Mastering complexity and volatility with next-level production planning

Is your production planning fit for future?

Increasing volatility and uncertainty on the demand side and complexity in global value chains are driving traditional planning methods to their limits. CAMELOT’s experts support you in defining sustainable, next-generation production planning processes and implementing them in innovative solutions.

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How we help clients

Supply chain healthcheck

  • Review of supply chain processes and organization to identify weak spots
  • Unearth improvement potential through advanced analytics
  • Evaluate your performance and develop a clear vision for the future as well as a tailored roadmap

End-to-end planning

  • Toolbox of innovative planning concepts & philosophies to establish end-to-end planning within your organization
  • Transform your supply chain into an integrated supply chain operating model by establishing a global perspective through clearly defined roles and processes
  • We provide strong IT expertise & solutions for integrated planning platforms which offer innovation and differentiation to close the white spots of standard planning technologies

Production leveling

  • State-of-the-art planning concepts to manage increasing variability and create feasible production plans, e.g. through DDMRP & LEAN Planning
  • Game-changing planning solutions which close white spots of standard planning systems and allow to implement innovative planning concepts within your system landscape (Camelot LEAN Planning Suite)
  • We support you in establishing agile & robust planning processes

Planning excellence framework

  • Focus on the process and IT integration of all relevant functions of your organization (e.g. purchasing, QA/QC, customer service, logistics, etc.)
  • Our CAMELOT analytics tools enable us to focus efforts and decisions on actual historical data
  • We use our industry expertise to establish a sustainable process which is feasible for your organization. CAMELOT provides consulting solutions for known industry problems such as multi-stage capacity levelling, QA/QC planning, etc.

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Clients appreciate us for our market-leading supply chain and production planning expertise, successfully proven in numerous projects with global industry players. Combining profound process and industry expertise with state-of-the-art planning technology know-how, we guide clients end-to-end from process analysis and design to implementing business value.

Proven expertise

CAMELOT provides best practices and unrivaled consulting experience from 190+ projects in supply chain planning.

Acknowledged thought leadership

We are known for our innovative supply chain consulting concepts and solutions, paired with a profound understanding of industry trends.

Immediate benefits

CAMELOT delivers state-of-the-art planning concepts & solutions with immediate benefits for your organization.


Christian Kroschl

Partner Operations

Heads the Consulting Line Supply Chain Management at CAMELOT and helps clients achieve a truly integrated and calibrated supply chain

Markus Geutler

Partner, SCM & Operations

Focuses on transforming the global supply chains of our US based customers.

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