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Operational Excellence

Cost reduction and performance increase do not have to be mutually exclusive. We guide you on your way to future-proof operational excellence.

Flexible, yet effective

As a leading consulting specialist for value chain management, we develop tailor-made operational excellence solutions that support our clients in meeting their challenges over the long term. In doing so, we focus on the effectiveness of operational processes by reducing waste along the entire value chain and through the targeted use of digital technologies that allow for the necessary flexibility.

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How we help clients

Production strategy

  • ​Aligning the production strategy with corporate objectives
  • Configuration of the production network
  • Make-or-buy decisions  
  • Dual production strategy
  • Increased flexibility in the network

Production system

  • Stabilization of production processes
  • Optimization of inventories, quality and delivery capability
  • Plant and layout optimization
  • Configuration of the methodology toolbox
  • Introduction of a balanced scorecard

Cost reduction

  • Identification of cost drivers
  • Reduction of waste and losses
  • Optimization of cost structures
  • Targeted efficiency increases

Efficiency enhancement

  • Planning excellence
  • Capacity and flexibility management
  • Bottleneck management
  • Lead time optimization
  • Process optimization 

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CAMELOT’s Operations & Manufacturing Practice achieve measurable improvements for clients by firmly embedding the changes in our clients’ organizations.

At eye level

We understand the language of our clients and act at eye level – pragmatically and hands-on.r clients.

Proven methods

Our practice includes experienced management consultants who use proven methods to achieve measurable and lasting results for our clients.

Coaching approach

Using our coaching approach, we enable our clients to rapidly take the next steps themselves.  

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