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Digital Manufacturing

The future of productivity

Global transparency for maximum flexibility

Rising cost pressure and increased flexibility requirements are challenging production today more than ever. Digital real-time data capture and processing as well as adapting your production processes are important prerequisites for improving production efficiency and thus competitiveness. From assessing the current situation to sustainable implementation: we support you in the digital transformation of production.

Digital Strategy

  • Develop a digital strategy
  • Assess your digital maturity
  • Design the digital roadmap
  • Select suitable technology platforms
  • Select and execute a proof of concept

Smart Factory

  • Assess your digital readiness
  • Increase your process transparency through MES and IoT
  • Harmonize your system landscape
  • Vertical integration of planning and execution
  • Introduce a digital shop-floor management

Lean meets Digital

  • Use of big-data analyses to determine the right levers
  • Apply artificial intelligence and machine learning for process monitoring
  • Introduce remote monitoring and management
  • Use mobile apps to minimize response time
  • Deploy a digital inventory management

Digital Supply Chain

  • Implement Predictive Maintenance to reduce malfunctions
  • Use of intelligent demand forecasts, leveraging big data and artificial intelligence
  • Automate your replenishment management
  • Build flexible and intelligent logistics systems
  • Automate internal site processes
Jens Steuer, Partner, Industrial Manufacturing & Digital Transformation, CAMELOT Management Consultants
Neither classic lean management methods nor digitization alone can help industrial companies. What matters is the right sequence and the ideal balance of both.

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Leveraging 20+ years of proven expertise in optimizing production processes as well as profound technology and implementation know-how provided by our own Innovative Technologies Lab, we can help you along your entire digital transformation journey – from vision to solution ecosystem.

Digital innovation

In client projects, we leverage the technology capabilities of our own Camelot Innovative Technologies Lab as well as our Centers of Digital Innovation for IoT, blockchain, artificial intelligence, analytics, cloud, and mobile.

Agile and fast​

Our DigitalExperience² approach turns your ideas into tangible digital use cases within just a few weeks. We help you to formulate requirements clearly and to select the right technology and software for your needs. ​

Sustainable impact

Clients benefit from our people-first approach and leading practices for digital transformation journeys. Our transformation analytics tool PulseShiftTM provides data-based insights to ensure the effectiveness of the transformation.

End-to-End Consulting for Digital Manufacturing

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