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Master Data Management

Data Governance

CAMELOT’s Data Governance Framework paves the way for a holistic information management.

CAMELOT‘s Data Governance Framework

CAMELOT’s Data Governance Framework enables company-wide standards, rules, and methods for data management. The data governance organization defines decision-making processes and roles to ensure consistent use of data throughout the company. This provides technical solutions that facilitate the creation and use of this information and allow active monitoring of data quality.

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How we help clients

Vision & strategy

  • Develop a target picture for the data governance organization
  • Derive a data governance strategy
  • Set up your long-term roadmap with dedicated work packages

Process framework

  • Specify the responsibilities of the data governance organization
  • Differentiate strategic, tactical, and operational tasks
  • Clarity about activities and tasks promotes long-term improvement of master data processes

Roles & structures

  • Prepare a RACI matrix and bundling of task packages
  • Derive required roles on global and local level
  • Detail role and job profiles


  • Develop and evaluate alternatives for positioning data governance in the overall organization
  • Evaluate integration scenarios in already existing organizational structures
  • Prepare a roadmap for achieving the individual ideal state


  • Develop a training concept for each role
  • Assessment of employee capabilities and individual allocation of training modules
  • Prepare and implement trainings

Change management

  • Create a stakeholder matrix
  • Develop a communication and involvement plan
  • Coordinate and implement all defined change management activities
Tim Aumann, Principal, CAMELOT Management Consultants
Sustainability determines success. This is particularly true for data governance. Only those who create clear structures and responsibilities are able to actively and strategically manage the flood of information.

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With decades of expertise in data governance, CAMELOT defines the industry reference standard. The focus is on sustainable success factors as well as the detailed presentation of a client-specific path towards an independently working and fully integrated data governance organization.

Industry-proven framework

More than 20 years of project experience in the area of data governance in various industries

Change management

Early and comprehensive involvement of stakeholders

Holistic approach

Consideration of all dimensions of master data governance


Tim Aumann

Head of Data Management

Senior expert for Enterprise Information Management, Information Governance, Data Quality Management, and Master Data Management (MDM)

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