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Master Data Management

Data Architecture

Data architecture affects how data is collected, stored, integrated, enhanced and delivered to the business. It is the foundation of information technology.

The foundation of information technology

As data volume is growing exponentially, employees are faced with analyzing more data than ever before, which has a negative impact on performance. Companies with a structured and holistic data architecture approach benefit from more informed and accelerated business-decision making as well as a higher overall data quality.

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How we help clients

Real-time data distribution 

  • Anticipating information requirements and providing relevant data in time
  • Architecture is aligned with business processes to reduce loading time
  • Expedited business processes and operations

Bi-directional communication

  • Ability to solicit and harmonize interface requirements and communication between users and systems
  • Human Computer Interface (HCI) optimized for employees
  • Introducing necessary roles and processes

Information lifecycle

  • Aligning data strategy within the regulatory data requirements set by governments (e.g. GDPR)
  • Implementing processes for archiving and deleting old data
  • Architecture supporting employees to correctly manage data along the information lifecycle

Single source of truth

  • Ideation, design, and implementation of a single source of truth fitting your company’s profile
  • Reducing defects, waste, inventory, and miscommunication
  • Greatly reducing the amount of incorrect or corrupted data

Holistic system landscape

  • Considering upstream and downstream systems when setting up the architecture
  • Efficiently embedding systems into the overall IT landscape
  • Improvement in all aspects of ETL processes

Meta data management

  • Taking meta data into account when designing an architecture can greatly impact the overall performance and data quality.
  • Managing meta data is crucial when looking into utilizing big data tools
  • Meta data can streamline everyday processes and queries

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Drawing on our extensive experience and knowledge in the chemicals, life sciences, consumer goods, and industrial manufacturing industries, CAMELOT offers best-practice solutions with an industry focus. We provide end-to-end services from strategy and planning to implementation and integration, leveraging the technology capabilities of our affiliate Camelot ITLab.


Clients benefit from our strong track record of building superior data architectures for Fortune 500 as well as mid-sized companies.

Accelerated return on investment

Our experience and our holistic approach enable us to guide you along your entire digital transformation and to accelerate projects considerably.

Industry focus

CAMELOT’s profound industry-specific expertise helps to customize approaches to clients’ individual requirements.


Benjamin Zwicker

Associate Partner Information Management

Seasoned leader and expert aiming to continuously improve customers’ ways of working with information in increasingly complex and data-driven environments.

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