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Master Data Management

Data & Analytics Strategy

Maximizing the return on digital investments with a superior data & analytics strategy

Building an effective data & analytics strategy

CAMELOT guides you along your digitalization journey: From implementing a long-term vision in process and IT architecture adaptions, through the sustainable integration of new data roles within the organization, up to meeting privacy & security standards to ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations and challenges.

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How we help clients

Strategy & business value

  • Develop a holistic and adequate strategic vision for the transformation process
  • Comprehensive approach to data and analytics that will unlock the potential of digital investments 
  • Future-oriented strategy based on data-driven vision and value proposition

Data & information needs

  • Combining previously unutilized data types from various sources, relevant information, and powerful algorithms to open prospects for additional data insights
  • Unlocking new conclusions from big data analytics
  • Create a data ecosystem and delivery model

Governance & organization

  • Breaking down data silos through applying hybrid governance models, ensuring collaboration as well as access to talent and expertise
  • Proactive governance based on data insights, that extends from data to models and code
  • Organizational enablement to work with data-driven processes and applications

Processes & operating model

  • End-to-end integration of enterprise processes
  • Data-driven process efficiency improvement across the whole value chain
  • Implementation of best practices for the setup of the operating model based on live insights and analytics

Risk & compliance

  • Meeting privacy and compliance standards within a constantly changing legal framework
  • Mitigation of security risks that arise with the implementation of AI-based technologies and connection to external data sources
  • Ensuring the adherence to regulations regarding personal data

Architecture & applications

  • Evaluation of initial ideas in proof-of- concept projects with limited scope to minimize risks and investment
  • Fast scale-up and standardization of the most promising use cases on enterprise level
  • Innovations towards accelerated delivery of data-science-based solutions

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CAMELOT combines modern technologies with industry expertise and excellent data literacy to enable value creation and efficient risk management along the digital transformation journeys of our clients. Through enterprise-wide integration of digitalization efforts, we help you to create one orchestrated data & analytics landscape.

Thought leadership

We have 20+ years of experience in master data management, big data, and analytics projects along the value chains.

Proven industry knowledge

Our profound industry-focused process knowledge has enabled countless successful transformation projects across the value chain.

Business experts & data scientists

Our project teams include business experts as well as data scientists to accelerate your return on digital investments.


Henrik Baumeier

Partner Data & Analytics

Leads the data & analytics division at CAMELOT, helping global clients in their digital transformation

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