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Analytics & Data Science

Leveraging state-of-the-art analytics and data science concepts and technologies to build the intelligent enterprise of tomorrow

From analytics & data science to superior business value across the value chain

Analytics & data science enable revenue increases and cost savings along the entire value chain. However, very often this potential is not fully exploited. This is because of an incorrect focus on technology rather than business understanding and problem-solving, a fragmented data landscape with insufficient data quality, or a lack of resources who are able to translate business problems into data-science language. CAMELOT helps clients transform data-driven insights into an improved value chain performance.

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How we help clients

Value-adding solutions

  • Generating value-oriented use cases, leveraging our first-class industry and data-science expertise
  • Develop proof-of-concepts and key metrics to prove value potential
  • Outline clear steps to establish the solution within the organization

Rapid prototyping

  • Early development of prototypes to create tangible solutions within a short time
  • Improve risk mitigation by involving stakeholders in the development process
  • Incremental development to accelerate launch of solutions

Data governance

  • Derive the correct nomenclature and ontologies for data objects
  • Set up standards for data collection, data access, and data usage
  • Ensure data harmonization and data quality management

Organization & operation

  • Develop a value-adding data intelligence organization to ensure continuous improvement
  • Ensure the operationalization of data by developing fitting roles and responsibilities
  • Implement an operating model to scale solutions across the enterprise

Data intelligence IT architecture

  • Develop the IT architecture to optimally support future analytics & data science initiatives
  • Build state-of-the-art data pipelines to fully utilize technological methods
  • Build and deploy use cases from proof-of-concepts to enterprise solutions

Risk & compliance

  • Consider industry and country-specific legal regulations and implications in the use of data 
  • Ensure analytics & data science processes adhere to legal standards
  • Set up data security and implement control measures

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The consultants of our practice are analytics & data science experts with a profound understanding of your industry and expertise in optimizing value chains. They turn ideas into value-adding solutions and accompany clients along their way to becoming an intelligent enterprise.

Thought leadership

We have 20+ years of experience in master data management, big data, and analytics projects along the value chains.

Proven industry knowledge

Our profound industry-focused process knowledge has enabled countless successful transformation projects across the value chain.

Business experts & data scientists

Our project teams include business experts as well as data scientists to accelerate your return on digital investments.


Henrik Baumeier

Partner Data & Analytics

Leads the data & analytics division at CAMELOT, helping global clients in their digital transformation

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