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Master Data Management


Leveraging state-of-the-art analytics concepts and technologies to build the intelligent enterprise of tomorrow

From analytics to superior business value across the value chain

CAMELOTs Analytics approach serves the state-of-the-art day needs of organizations, enabling businesses to derive more value & deliver superior outcomes from their digital investments for a sustainable company success. CAMELOT will accompany you from the conceptual design to the productive implementation of a solution considering your specific requirements.

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How we help clients

D&A Value Journey

  • Data & Analytics Strategy from the cradle to maturity
  • Best practice Data Foundation
  • Organization & Governance as an optimized framework
  • Future oriented Architecture & Integration

Explorative Analytics

  • Optimized Reporting & Visualization capabilities

  • Best-in-class Analytics Front-End Tools
  • State of the art Planning & Analysis solutions

ML & AI Industralization

  • Tailored Cloud Platform infrastructure
  • CI/CD + Code optimizations
  • Deployment of Data Scientist’s work into scalable, state-of-the-art environments
  • Usage of ML for Prescriptive and Predictive Analytics
  • Transformation of stagnant, local projects to the next level

Process Mining & Automation

  • Customized Data Science solutions based on the latest technology
  • Automated vendor/customer onboarding

Data Economy & Market Place

  • Data as a product serving customer‘s data needs
  • Reaping internal rewards (FAIR)
  • Reaping external rewards (data rooms, new business models)

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  • Special implementation services offered by Camelot ITLab 
  • Planning solutions

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The consultants of our practice are analytics experts with a profound understanding of your industry and expertise in optimizing value chains. They turn ideas into value-adding solutions and accompany clients along their way to becoming an intelligent enterprise.

Thought leadership

We have 25+ years of experience and know topics and trends along the value chains.

Proven data analytics expertise

We provide guidance from data strategy, adequate organization and up to governance.

Close to data gravity center

We think end-to-end
and even beyond!


Thorsten Warnecke


Leading expert, helping clients to establish data-driven decision-making cultures through insights, predictions and recommendations to actions.

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