Test Automation in SAP S/4HANA Cloud Implementations

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Testing is an essential part of every SAP implementation. Very often, testing is done manually, which poses challenges in view of keeping short deadlines and ensuring high quality. Learn how test automation can help to take the testing of your processes to the next level.

The need for transformation of the testing process in S/4HANA Cloud projects is inevitable. Test automation is the way forward for the teams on SAP Cloud projects that are plagued with manual testing. It is time-saving and increases the project team’s efficiency through faster validation and early detection of problems or bugs. It is also more cost-efficient, as fewer resources are required for testing. In addition, automation of the testing increases test coverage, provides better insights than manual testing, and eliminates human errors.

SAP’s Test Automation Tool

SAP provides a specific solution for automated testing in SAP S/4 HANA Cloud projects: The Test Automation Tool. During the different phases of S/4HANA Cloud projects and quarterly system upgrades, it allows the project team to test their processes by using standardst Practice test scripts or creating custom ones – leveraging the recording functionality.


The test automation accelerates the business processes and saves a lot of time during fixed scheduled upgrade weeks. To reduce efforts and increase efficiency, it is recommended to stick to the standard whenever possible. The use of the recording functionality helps a lot to document all testing activities including screenshots. After test completion, the project team can analyze the results using a dashboard with drill-down functionality.

Manage Your Test Processes App

Using this app, you can create and manage one or more test processes which must be added to a test plan in the Test Your Processes app afterwards. Depending on the scope , the list of defined test processes is available in the app. To execute all necessary actions in the app, some preliminary steps need to be performed, such as the preparation of business processes, clarification of requirements in terms of scope of the solution, organizational structure, business role, etc. For further details check out this link.

Test Your Processes App

The app enables the creation, management, and execution of test plans: It also provides an overview of the Post Upgrade test plans (executed by SAP, available automatically). The test plans can be scheduled for execution as well. As a final step, the project team can check available logs and download and print the executive summary of the test plan. Here, the customers can choose whether they will perform the standard test processes delivered by SAP or to re-use them by providing their custom test data for testing. Further information: link.

Analyze Automated Test Results App

Using this app, you can view and analyze and Post Upgrade test results. An intuitive dashboard provides visibility of the statuses of performed tests. The dashboard link can be shared via email or saved as a tile. Further details: link.

Best-Practice Test Strategy

When can you use these tests and for which purposes?

The answer to this question is provided in the picture below. The tests at the various stages of the S/4HANA Cloud project, using the SAP Activate methodology.

Automated testing with SAP Roadmap Viewer 
Automated testing with SAP Roadmap Viewer


The template document provided in the SAP Roadmap Viewer may be very helpful during the testing process. You can find more information here: SAP Roadmap Viewer (only with authorization).

How can you define your test cases?

First, identify what needs to be tested, for instance by identifying already implemented processes. Depending on the standard of custom scenarios, take the input from responsible key users or confirmed backlog from Fit-to-standard workshops (as part of SAP Activate, conducted in series of workshops to agree on validation of already predefined scenarios, enhancements, or additional configuration required). Check the available test automations for your business processes: What can be tested automatically, what manually? Which prerequisites should be fulfilled? Do you need adaption of your processes? Which test data you will use for the testing?

How does the complete end-to-end process flow look like and where can you find more resources for automated testing?

The following picture provides a rough overview of the testing process:

End to End Process of Test Automation Tool 
End to End Process of Test Automation Tool


Where can I find help?

The SAP Jam group for the Test Automation Tool provides helpful resources, even though the solution still new on the market. There you can find, for instance, the prerequisites you should fulfill if you want to start with the testing. Besides, the complete documentation is available per scope item for:

  • Master data
  • Process steps and supported counties
  • Possible variables etc.

The JAM group also allows you to ask questions and provide suggestions or feedback in discussion forums.

SAP JAM Group for Test Automation Tool S/4 HANA Cloud
SAP JAM Group for Test Automation Tool S/4 HANA Cloud


If you are interested to find more information about the Test Information Tool, the following resources may be helpful for you:


Considering the functional capabilities of the Test Automation Tool and the benefits of its use, we highly recommend to look more intensively into the topic of test automation and, if suitable, integrate it into your SAP S/4HANA Cloud project.


Testing Business Processes – SAP Learning Hub

SAP JAM Group – Test Automation Tool


We would like to thank Jasmina Nesovic for her valuable contribution to this article.

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