SAP Intelligent Sales Add-On for SAP CX Sales Cloud: An overview

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The SAP Intelligent Sales add-on from the SAP CX portfolio helps sales staff , increase revenue, and react to risk cases.

AI is everywhere – just not yet in your SAP Sales Cloud? The SAP Intelligent Sales add-on can help you improve forecast accuracy, proactively identify risk opportunities, and increase revenue with intelligent recommendations. In this blog post, we show you how your sales staff can benefit from the AI-driven support of the SAP Intelligent Sales Add-on.

The Intelligent Sales Add-On consists of four components:

  • Intelligent Sales Execution
  • Guided Selling
  • Relationship Intelligence
  • Customer Insight function

We will describe the functions in detail:

Intelligent Sales Execution

SAP Intelligent Sales Execution (ISE) helps you manage your sales pipeline, opportunities and forecast. Opportunities and their status can be evaluated more easily through graphical visualizations of the pipeline, making them easier to work with. SAP ISE itself consists of the following three modules:

  1. Pipeline Manager:

Pipeline Manager gives you a complete all-around view of opportunities. Problems and risks in opportunities can be quickly identified and responded to using the Opportunity Health Score, a value determined by Machine Learning (ML).

Pipeline-Manager - SAP Intelligent Sales Add-On für SAP CX Sales Cloud
Pipeline Manager Dashboard: Bubble Chart


2. Forecast Tracker:

The Forecast Tracker provides a sales forecast simulated on opportunity level, that takes annual targets and their achievements into account. Forecast data is compared to sales targets and cumulative opportunity amounts for a selected period and displayed graphically.

Forecast Tracker - SAP Intelligent Sales Add-On für SAP CX Sales Cloud
Forecast Tracker Dashboard: Key Features


3. Pipeline Flow:

Pipeline Flow provides an accurate analysis of pipeline development for any definable time period. This focused view on the development of your opportunities allows you to quickly identify unexpected situations and take action.

Pipeline Flow - SAP Intelligent Sales Add-On für SAP CX Sales Cloud
Pipeline Flow Dashboard: Key Features

Guided Selling

SAP Guided Selling supports your sales staff throughout the sales process, thus improving your sales processing. An optimized workspace is provided in which different steps, e.g., creating and qualifying deals, are merged. This can significantly improve your data quality, resulting in more accurate recommendations and forecasts.

The main functionality of SAP Guided Selling involves so-called playbooks. Depending on the sales phase and cycle, a playbook provides tailored activity and action suggestions for the optimal course of action. In this way, your sales staff can successfully complete even complex sales cycles.

Guided Selling - SAP Intelligent Sales Add-On für SAP CX Sales Cloud
Guided Selling overview, including planned activities and involved contacts

Relationship Intelligence

SAP Relationship Intelligence identifies connections and relationships within SAP Sales Cloud and beyond. This allows you to build a “who knows whom” network that can help you accelerate your business processes and optimize customer care.

By connecting your Microsoft Office 365 email server, relationships can even be identified beyond SAP Sales Cloud. For example, the parties involved in opportunities (customers, contacts and employees) can be evaluated with a so-called “Hug Rank”. The “Hug Rank” indicates how strong the relationship is between participants based on email traffic and common appointment frequency. This gives you deeper insights into your customers’ relationships and engagement.

Relationship Intelligence - SAP Intelligent Sales Add-On for SAP CX Sales Cloud
Relationship Intelligence from the customer’s perspective

Customer Insight

SAP Customer Insight provides a dashboard that brings together some of the KPIs already described in the SAP Intelligent Sales Add-On. It also provides additional AI-based insights to help your sales reps take full advantage of growth opportunities and deliver an optimal customer journey to your customers.

The data foundation for this goes far beyond the boundaries of SAP Sales Cloud. The service enables seamless access to data from systems such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP Commerce Cloud and even third-party data sources.

For example, sales KPIs from SAP ISE and opportunity data from Guided Selling are made available. Likewise, webshop activities from SAP Commerce Cloud or information from the back office (invoices, contracts, etc.) can be accessed. Using this real-time data, the Customer Insights Overview can optimize the entire sales cycle and help your staff make informed decisions.

Customer Insights - SAP Intelligent Sales Add-On für SAP CX Sales Cloud
Customer Insights: Key Metrics


In the age of digital sales, the SAP Intelligent Sales Add-On can help you optimize your sales process and significantly support your employees through AI-based metrics, forecasts and recommended actions. The seamless connection to additional systems provides a concentrated overview of the “customer health status” of your customers and the status of your sales opportunities.

Are you interested in a live demo of the SAP Intelligent Sales Add-On, or do you have further questions about sales process optimization with the help of the SAP Intelligent Sales Add-On? Get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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