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Integration of Sendinblue with SAP Sales Cloud

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Integrating the e-mail marketing tool Sendinblue with SAP Sales Cloud automates data exchange and simplifies the creation of mailing campaigns.

If companies use an e-mail marketing tool together with SAP Sales Cloud, there is usually no efficient synchronization between the two systems. The data exchange then generally takes place as a manual export and import of e-mail recipients, which is not only error-prone, but also takes a lot of time. Integrating the e-mail marketing tool Sendinblue with SAP Sales Cloud ensures that the data for mailings is transmitted correctly. Moreover, the solution developed by Camelot also makes processing the mailings themselves easier.

The article shows how to use the integrated solutions for creating a mailing campaign from SAP Sales Cloud, editing it in Sendinblue and evaluating it again in SAP Sales Cloud.

Synchronizing Target Groups and Campaigns

First, the campaign recipients are defined in SAP Sales Cloud, for example with the aid of the Camelot Marketing Segmentation Enhancement tool, and created as a target group with the appropriate campaign. The integration transfers the target groups and created campaigns to Sendinblue at the push of a button. In addition to the recipient’s e-mail address, other attributes such as name or form of address can be synchronized.

The saved Sendinblue information, such as the mailing ID, can be displayed within campaigns in SAP Sales Cloud. Alternatively, users can also jump directly from SAP Sales Cloud to Sendinblue and further process their mailing there.

Jumping to Sendinblue for Further Processing of the Mailing

The recipient list from SAP Sales Cloud is linked to the created mailing in Sendinblue; this occurs automatically during synchronization. There are two more steps to processing in Sendinblue: the pre-filled e-mail information is checked; and a corresponding e-mail template is created or selected. All synchronized recipient attributes such as form of address or name can be used.

Personalized Layout Sendinblue

Back to SAP Sales Cloud: Evaluating Mailing Campaigns

The Sendinblue mailing reporting functions are fully and seamlessly integrated in SAP Sales Cloud, where they are visible and and can be used. In practice, this means that an overview of click rates, bounces and cancellations of the campaign can be viewed in SAP Sales Cloud. In addition, detailed information on the performance of the Sendinblue mailing is accessible. This data is also available in the view of customers and contacts. This enables e.g., marketing managers to see directly which contacts have received and opened e-mails.

Let’s take a look at an example:

Sendinblue Marketing Interactions

Sendinblue Statistics

GDPR Compliance and Other Features

In addition to the functions described above, the integration offers the option of synchronizing marketing approvals between Sendinblue and SAP Sales Cloud.

Furthermore, when a new contact registers for a newsletter via a Sendinblue campaign, leads can be automatically generated thanks to our integration in SAP Sales Cloud.

Integration for Less Tedious Work, Less Mistakes

Companies that use SAP Sales Cloud as an CX solution and Sendinblue as an e-mail marketing tool can create and send mailings much faster and with fewer errors by integrating the two solutions. The ability to easily and quickly integrate Sendinblue’s marketing processes into the SAP Sales Cloud solution dovetails the work of marketing and sales even more, helping to establish a holistic customer journey for customers.

A functional overview of SAP Sales Cloud as well as additional benefits and implementation details can be found directly on our Camelot Management Consultants website.

Are you interested in our integration? Then please contact Roberto Wahl directly to receive an offer.

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