Future Landscapes of SAP Transportation & Warehouse Applications

Future landscapes of SAP Transportation & Warehouse applications

Many SAP customers are looking forward to select fitting SAP transport & warehouse applications. This article sheds some light on the available options, to enable customers to choose the right SAP transport & warehouse applications for integrated supply chain processes.

Maximizing the Benefits of SAP Business Network for Logistics-Freight Collaboration

Maximizing the Benefits of SAP Business Network for Logistics-Freight Collaboration

Lack of collaboration between supply chain partners is one of the biggest challenges in the transportation logistics industry. There are best practices for supply chain collaboration that follow different strategies to address specific challenges and show how collaboration between partners within the supply chain can take place in a variety of ways.

Five Examples on How to Benefit from Integrating SAP TM and SAP EWM

How do operations within the supply chain benefit from greater integration between SAP transportation and warehouse processes? How to respond to commonly known problems of transport and warehouse planners, such as inefficient resource utilization, limited process transparency, low process control? Let’s explore possible solutions to such relevant challenges, using common SAP applications as examples.

How to Quick-Start Process Mining in Chemical and Pharma Logistics

This article highlights the potential of process mining using concrete case studies from chemical and pharmaceutical logistics. To optimize business processes, it is worth using process mining in addition to data mining or machine learning on the data itself. Process mining analyzes the event logs of operational systems for data traces that business processes leave behind.