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An Inspiring Collection of Modern Analytics Cases

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Data is becoming a company’s most valuable asset. No matter where you stand now: the next step towards a more data-driven team, division or company depends on your specific goal. Generally, you focus your activities on achieving a previously defined vision. Focus areas or strengths are very good starting points in this mode of ambidexterity. Therefore, every data analytics journey is unique.

Our goal is to help you get the most value out of your data investments with innovative use cases. Our use cases represent practical examples of enterprises that have successfully managed ambidexterity to overcome the limitations of data in isolated contexts and organize it in such a specific way that added value and created competitive advantage. Each company finds their way, depending on their strategic goals and maturity level.

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Not enough yet? Download our use case booklet for free and gain insights into how to get more out of your data assets with various use cases from different industries.

  • We first share thoughts that help you understand where to start.
  • Then, a handy collection of real-world customer stories showcase successful projects. They serve as inspiration to get your creativity up and running.
  • In the last section, we show ways to close the gap between prototype and operational project, and between one project and the workbench.

We hope to provide an inspirational read!

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