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Customer-centric and digitalized Value Chains

The industrial manufacturing industry is a highly diversified sector with heterogeneous structures and dynamics. However, companies have one thing in common: To break out of global competition, they all have to understand current megatrends and reflect their business strategies and processes:

  • Digitalization trends in technology, service and product development
  • Competitors and network partners from outside the sector are forming new business models in “everybody-with-everybody” eco systems
  • Traditional supply chains are transforming into more virtual value chains
  • “Connected customers” wanting to purchase service and experience instead of products
  • „Social & mobile“ and the „internet of things“ are revolutionizing labor 4.0

Apart from these major strategic issues, those responsible for supply chains are confronted with more traditional, short-term challenges such as shortening of replenishment times, cost reduction, increase of transparency and agility.

CAMELOT’s consulting approach is targeted towards intelligently interconnecting trends and current challenges. We offer holistic consulting services which are always oriented to measureable value added.
Selected consulting emphases for the manufacturing industry

  • Digitization strategies / “internet of things” including big data and analytics
  • Customer-centric & demand-driven supply chain optimization
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Integrated business planning
  • Multi-echelon inventory optimization 4.0
  • Engineer-to-order optimization 4.0

SCRM in the Automotive Industry

Supply chains in the automotive industry become increasingly vulnerable and insecure. Therefore, the importance of identifying risks in the supply chain and reacting before they cause serious economic damages is rising.

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How to achieve a best-in-class supply chain organization

This video provides some key learnings from our latest study „Supply chain organization in discrete manufacturing industries“.

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“Customer-centric and digitized value chains will be a must for manufacturers who want to stay ahead of competition in the future.”

Jens Steuer, Partner Industrial Manufacturing

Selection of our industry references

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