Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, London, 20-21 Sep 2017

The Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference will take place in London from September 20th to 21th 2017. The focus will be on the concept of a bimodal supply chain, which is the new reality in companies.

Visit the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference and find out how you design and implement a bimodal value chain strategy that leads to the achievement of essential performance targets while guaranteeing at the same time iteration and testing.

We would like to meet you there for a personal talk. In advance, you will find answers to the following questions on our website: What performance goals does the supply chain have to achieve in order to be competitive? What role should it play in the current and future business environment? What are the right incentives for achieving high-level management of the supply chain?

Arrange an appointment today under +49 621 86298-0 or via mail

We look forward to meeting you!

More information about the event can be found here.