Supply Chain Strategy

The supply chain plays a central role in realizing overall business and growth objectives. This is why it is essential to ensure that the supply chain strategy is thoroughly adapted to the overall business strategy and market demands.

CAMELOT supports you in answering the following questions:

What performance goals does the supply chain have to achieve in order to be competitive? What role should it play in the current and future business environment? What are the right incentives for achieving high-level management of the supply chain?

Supply Chain Performance Objectives

Optimization projects along the supply chain often focus only on cost reduction. This means that businesses often miss the chance to turn their supply chain into a true competitive advantage.

Alongside a high level of efficiency, a supply chain also needs clear, balanced performance goals that meet customers’ expectations for delivery reliability and delivery times.
Our experts support you in defining consistent supply chain performance goals that are adapted to overall business goals and contribute to attaining them. Performance objectives are the basis for defining the supply chain strategy and the supply chain design.

Supply Chain Diagnostics

Market and customer requirements change constantly and rapidly. Against this background, it is essential to regularly review supply chain performance – particularly in comparison with industry best practices.

CAMELOT’s supply chain experts will give your supply chain a comprehensive “health check” in order to develop an integrated understanding of its performance capacity and to identify areas for potential improvement compared to best-in-class supply chains. Alongside achieving quick wins, this assessment provides a cooperatively defined target state as well as a mid- to long-term roadmap that can be used as a step-by-step guide to reaching the target state.

Supply Chain Strategy Development

With the right strategy, the supply chain becomes a competitive advantage for the business. This means keeping the customers’ requirements in focus and developing supply chain performance goals that are in balance with the overall business strategy.

CAMELOT’s supply chain experts work with you to develop an individual supply chain strategy that is aligned to your overall business strategy. This involves a thorough consideration of current business processes, organizational structures as well as the existing IT infrastructure.

Supply Chain Target Setting & Incentive Systems

A target system that is aligned with the business strategy along the entire supply chain is a necessary factor for achieving sustainable improvement of supply chain performance.

There are usually conflicts among the various areas of the supply chain, since actions taken in one area can directly or indirectly influence the key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to target achievement in another area.
This is why the target values or ranges for the defined KPIs must be balanced within the system in a way that prevents as many conflicts and instabilities as possible.
In order to ensure that targets are implemented effectively, it is necessary to institute an incentive system for the various organizational units and employees. Incentive systems should be simple, clear and meaningful for all people involved and ensure that conflicts of interest are minimized. CAMELOT helps you develop an individual supply chain target and incentive system.

Supply Chain Risk Management

Competitive supply chains are able to respond flexibly to risks, which makes it possible to reduce or avoid costs and lost turnover.
We use well-tested concepts to help our clients implement a value-oriented supply chain risk management. Our approach includes identifying relevant risks, evaluating them and defining measures to control them. In addition, we support you in integrating risk management into your day-to-day operational business.

Next-generation SCM IT solutions


Camelot ITLab’s SAP-based supply chain management solutions enable you to accelerate and streamline your supply chain.

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