Supply Chain Operations

A performant supply chain is built on a holistic design and configuration. Supply chain operations execute against the parameters (like lead times, decoupling points etc.) set in the strategic and tactical supply chain management.

Good-practice supply chain operations span end-to-end from strategic supply chain planning, integrated business planning, demand planning, supply and replenishment planning to production planning and line scheduling.

Concepts like Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management are revolutionary and disruptive for today’s supply chains. CAMELOT delivers end-to-end concepts and solutions to help your supply chain operations become more agile and efficient.

Strategic Supply Chain Planning

A supply chain’s performance and risk profile depend largely on its design. Excellent design processes (network & capacities) are necessary to ensure that a business can respond to changing market requirements and manage risks. This involves integrating strategic forecasting and long-term network and capacity planning into the overall organization.

In cooperation with leading businesses, CAMELOT has developed a strategic supply chain industry and reference process model, as well as scenario planning techniques and organizational excellence programs that can be used to optimize planning and design processes. This involves implementing prescriptive analyses (e.g. Monte Carlo simulations) and IT Tools into preconfigured models.

Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

In many organizations, Integrated Business Planning (IBP) has not been implemented as a decision-making process, since operational plans are not sufficiently integrated into corporate and financial planning. Today’s complex and volatile supply chain planning environment tightens the associated challenges. This results in suboptimal performance and missed corporate goals.
The CAMELOT approach for Integrated Business Planning (IBP) overcomes these issues by aligning operational decisions with strategic and financial planning. With state-of-the-art processes, methodologies and IT system support, Integrated Business Planning (IBP) will become a key success driver for your business.

Demand Planning

Do you have an effective, exception-based demand planning process fully linked to your tactical and operational S&OP process?
CAMELOT helps you achieve a best-in-class demand planning result taking into consideration strategy, organization, processes and IT.
Our services cover assessments, analysis and process (re-)design as well as – through our implementation partner Camelot ITLab – prototyping and implementation. Examples are
• Analysis of historical data to segment products and customers for improving statistical forecasting
• Role-specific training and coaching (e.g. forecast analysts)
• Definition of targeted demand planning quality KPIs

As an industry specialist we also cover specific aspects of the demand planning process like tender & bid management for life sciences, margin-oriented forecasting and allocation for chemicals and demand sensing for CPG.

Supply Planning

Is your supply chain planning equipped to handle global supply chains and strong fluctuations in demand?
CAMELOT’s supply chain management experts give you support in every area from analysis to (re)designing and organizational implementation of sustainable end-to-end supply planning processes. We work together with you to find comprehensive solutions for replenishment planning, inventory management and capacity planning for your supply chain.

Our areas of expertise include the segmentation of supply chains, innovative planning approaches such as Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) and solutions for industry-specific requirements. Our consultants employ role-based training sessions to establish the planning approach within the organization. Key metrics designed to fit your supply chain ensure the long-term success of the planning approach.

Production Planning

Standardized production planning approaches are often pushed to their limit by global, highly volatile structures. Is your production planning prepared for the future?

CAMELOT’s experts support you in defining sustainable planning processes and implementing them in innovative, technical solutions. Optimized capacity planning helps you to sustainably improve your production results in the long term and to increase earnings. An optimum structuring of production orders according to clearly defined factors ameliorates fluctuations and ensures stability in your production process.

Our innovative planning approaches (e.g. Demand Driven Lean SC Planning) are based on proven concepts, and we work together with our customers to refine them with innovative products and ideas in a customer-specific and needs-based cooperation. This is how we achieve balanced and efficient production planning from the end product to the raw materials.

Inventory Management

Systematically optimizing inventories is one of supply chain management’s key tasks and is a central success factor for an efficient and reliable supply chain.
Optimum allocation and structuring of inventories and balanced planning processes allow a business to achieve significant inventory reductions while ensuring the required supply service level. It is often the case, however, that constantly increasing variability, uncertainty and complexity drive traditional planning and optimization approaches to their limits.

For this reason, our innovative and proven inventory planning and optimization approaches are based on a holistic and systematic analysis of all relevant inventory drivers as well as a cross-network, multi-level view that extends from the raw materials stocks to the end product.

Next-generation SCM IT solutions

Camelot ITLab’s SAP-based supply chain management solutions enable you to accelerate and streamline your supply chain.

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