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Next-generation sourcing. From cost saving to value creation

Are you still sourcing?

… or are you already creating value for your company? “Each Euro saved in sourcing is a Euro more in EBIT” has been the past years’ dictum in many companies – although this has proved true to a certain extent, it is now time for the sourcing function to enter the next evolutionary stage: to position the sourcing function as value chain manager and holistic optimizer for all costs which occur along the value chain – from n-tier suppliers to the end costumers.

CAMELOT sourcing studies show that in many organizations the maturity of the sourcing function remains below industry average. The consequence: considerable potential for increasing profits and corporate growth remains untapped.

CAMELOT’s maturity-level-oriented approach:

For each maturity level of sourcing organizations CAMELOT offers specific tools, concepts and change management approaches to optimize the contribution of the sourcing function towards company success.

  1. Liquidity
    Generate sourcing and category strategies securing supply networks with increased profitability
  2. Strategy and Roadmap
    Transform the sourcing function into a value manager  based on a clear transformation roadmap
  3. Operational Excellence
    Implement digitally enabled supply network collaboration
  4. Performance Management
    Implement Sourcing Scorecards to sustainably secure alignment with business strategy and competitive advantage

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“CAMELOT approaches the sourcing and procurement competency differently than most of its competitors”

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