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Sustainable management ensures IT efficiency

IT Management is concerned with structuring and handling hard- and software, organizational aspects, support processes as well as HR management within the IT environment. The following aspects have to be coordinated by IT Management and involve both IT itself as well as its customers within the organization (e.g. departments)

  • IT Service Management
  • IT Governance, Risk and Compliance Management (GRC)
  • IT Resource Management
  • IT Program and Portfolio Management

All fields of action are strongly interlinked. The common goal is to assure optimal support of business processes (and thus the organization as a whole) by setting up, structuring and operating information technology in an optimal way. Due to the interdependencies and high complexity, a structured IT Management is crucial to assure early identification of conflicts, risks and gaps and develop an aligned and efficient approach to cope with these issues.

Managing risks

IT Management also is of extraordinary relevance in the context of risk management in IT projects: Many projects are under significant time and cost pressure which can lead to increased risks. For a project to be successful, any potential risks and resulting countermeasures must be pinpointed at an early stage.

Our extensive project experience shows that parallel, proactive risk management can help lower the costs for risk monitoring and avoidance, and also prevent deadlines for project milestones being exceeded, thus avoiding related costs.

CAMELOT has developed an approach that rapidly gives you an overview of the current improvement potential along all dimensions of IT Management within your organization and helps you define and initiate according optimization measures. Our holistic approach takes into account governance structures, processes, architecture and documentation, as well as the human factor.

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