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Data driven digital transformation design

Leveraging the power of your data

New technologies push the amount, speed and variety of digital information and create new ways, of applying this information.

Only organizations that are able to gather, manage and link information in the form of data will be in a position to use the power of this information for gaining unique insights, inventing superior value propositions or achieving dramatic process improvement.

With more than 20 years of experience in Enterprise Information Management we enable our clients to leverage information along the entire value chain for designing solutions that meet the needs of internal and external customers. Our consulting services are based on agile project management and customer / user-centric methods to successfully master the challenges of a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) market environment.

How CAMELOT helps

Data Strategy for Digital Transformation: Define a data strategy to enable digital transformation, including vision and mission statement, scope definition as well as roadmap design that covers all data related initiatives.

Data architecture: Identify digital and analog information that is used along the process chains to get a clear picture of the data architecture. Determine data that could be leveraged/generated. Use information to generate new transformation business cases for enhanced smart products/services or smart internal processes.

Transformation & Implementation: Implementation and design detailing of the data driven transformation business cases in the organization.

Your benefits

  • Digital transformation initiatives within your company are aligned
  • Clear picture of your company through the eyes of data
  • Full data potential leveraged to master transformation
  • Transformation business cases that serve your customers’/users’ needs

MDM meets Digital Transformation

Read in this article by Henrik Baumeier published in ERP Management 12 (2016) 4, which relevance do master data have within the context of digital transformation, which current trends observed in master data management are a consequence of digitalization, and which role organization and IT play.

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Latest Thinking

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