Strategy definition and implementation as the key competitive advantage

Since the turnover of logistics trends significantly increases from year to year, defining and implementing a clear and feasible strategy as guidance towards internal and external stakeholders is critical to business success.

Being at the pulse of time and adjusting the direction towards where the company or the business unit is steering is essential. This relates to external forces, i.e. how competitors are set up but also towards internal forces, i.e. shareholders or the workforce and its capabilities and weaknesses. In the light of dwindling customer trust and increasing shortage of skilled workforce, maintaining the attractiveness of the business, especially in trending topics, has never been more important than today.

CAMELOT takes an integrated approach to helping its customers, whether it is by holding innovative design thinking workshops, defining strategy or designing concepts for digital business models, to achieve customer-centric, forward-thinking organizations.

Case study: Logistics Strategy

Top 10 chemical & pharma company was in need for support in their logistics reorganization initiative.

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