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Shaping the value chains of tomorrow

Value Chain Management is not only our core capability – it is our passion. CAMELOT’s comprehensive range of services covers all aspects of a future-oriented value chain management: from sourcing through manufacturing and distribution to customer service and the overarching supply chain management.

Reinventing your value chain
The increasing volatility and complexity of our clients’ business environment and the rise of new technologies call existing business models, processes and organizations into question. With profound strategy development and business transformation capabilities we assist our clients in reinventing their value chains and making them ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Digitalizing your value chain
Value chains are getting more and more digital. Managing the resource “information” has become a key factor for business success. Our information and data management consulting services make sure that information is managed and used optimally along your entire value chain.

Managing your value chain performance
Is your value chain performing according to strategy? Our finance & performance management services help clients to shape a future-oriented finance and performance management fulfilling the requirements of today’s volatile and complex business environment.

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