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CAMELOT @ IDMP Roundtable

CAMELOT Management Consultants Inc. sponsored and presented at the IDMP Roundtable event in New York City on September 28th.

CAMELOT discussed how delays in finalization of IDMP/SPOR requirements are in focus of management and pose a risk to IDMP initiatives, budgeting, and resourcing. Initiatives can often be set on hold, team members may be reallocated to other projects or leave the organization because of the continuous postponements and uncertainties around IDMP. Organizations are at risk of losing the knowledge and achievements that were created in the last years. As dissatisfying as this situation is, it also provides a great opportunity to address underlying challenges which surfaced with IDMP.

IDMP is more than just a challenge for the regulatory department it is a challenge for all functional units maintaining and using product data. This is a chance to conflate data management processes and governance and to create new benefits. By assessing data management processes, governance, standards and on-going initiatives CAMELOT consultants can help to define a vision that combines IDMP requirements and opportunities in MDM. The result is a win-win situation for organizations. Product Master Data are addressed cross-functional, and funding and resourcing is supported by a wider range of benefits and sponsors. CAMELOT’s IDMP assessment helps to discover underlying MDM challenges holistically:

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