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Transformation Heros, Gruppe von Superhelden

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You have transformational superpowers and are looking for a new adventure?
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If you love to work in an ever-changing environment, participate in large-scale transformations with uncertain outcomes and be part of a team where the combined strengths and weaknesses are an unbeatable secret of success, then we must get to know you.
You’re just one click away from starting the next big adventure of your life.

Become a Transformation Hero

Organization Hero

Through the symbiosis of his technical ocular implant and his biological empathic abilities, the Organization Hero can perceive different energy spectra and analyze even the most complex organizational structures.

His strengths? He captures and understands organizational structures quickly and identifies invisible friction points at first sight. Processes, role models and structures that are designed by him are always in sync and support the corporate strategy.

When he brings his organization design to life the organization can confidently say “Ready, set, go! We’re all set for the future!”.

Analytics Hero

When you need to feel the pulse of an organization and to measure the impact of changes to people in the organization, then the Analytics Heroine is needed. This techno-functional heroine places her digital sensors in the organization and receives feedback signals via her sensor gloves.

The insights she gains on how an organizational change is impacting the employees are valuable information that she directly passes over to her colleagues and stakeholders so that they can make informed decisions on next steps.

When she is not on duty, she loves to develop digital tools the team needs and to experiment with new gadgets.

Change Hero

His jet pack makes the Change Hero agile and gives him tremendous energy. He uses this energy to support people or whole organizations in jumping over change barriers.

He feels most comfortable when he is working with different stakeholders as he can show his genuine communication talent. Adapting language and messages according to the needs of his counterparts and overcoming communication barriers is an easy task for this hero.

When the transformation heroes are called to action the Change Hero is immediately on the spot to support people to emerge strengthened from a transformation.

Trainings Hero

Functional expertise in various fields, technical skills, didactics, creativity – these are all energetic skills that flow in the bars of the training heroine. She mixes these competencies to pass on knowledge to her protégés and to adapt her training approaches to individual preferences and learning habits.

The built-in calculator in her belt contains detailed information from the Analytics Hero. She uses this organizational information for her training-needs analysis and to determine the right training mix and timing.

To distribute her energetic skills more quickly and efficiently, she trains enthusiastic protégés to become new superheroes and ensures that knowledge flows constantly throughout the organization.

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