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Automotive Industry

We help clients reimagine automotive value chains from OEM to suppliers.

Departure into a new age

The automotive industry is facing the most massive upheaval in its history. Macro trends such as digitalization, autonomous driving and e-mobility, as well as tougher legal regulations and new competitors, require companies to show strategic foresight, financial flexibility and organizational agility. Automotive manufacturers must make fundamental strategic decisions to remain relevant over the next decade, while increasing productivity and managing the increasing risks in global value chains.

How we help clients

Market volatility & cost pressure

  • Health check of your critical customer projects by proven automotive experts, that allow you to take corrective measures in time.

CAPEX management

  • Reduce capital expenditure and gain financial flexibility with our field-proven automotive CAPEX management approach.

Increasing demand volatility

  • Increase the degree of maturity in planning, which helps you identify OEM demand fluctuations in advance and take countermeasures in time.

Footprint planning: Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa – what’s next?

  • ​Increasing political intervention (e.g. minimum wage), decreasing political stability and more complex supply chains make site decisions increasingly risky. Our automotive experts analyze and optimize your decision-making process with you.

Digital transformation

  • Benefit from innovative approaches and new technologies to further increase your productivity. With our tried and tested CAMELOT DigitalExperience² approach, we identify and pilot jointly with you use cases in less than four weeks.  

LEAN & digital

  • Advancement of the classic LEAN approach in order to raise the level of maturity beyond the standard and tap further efficiency potentials.

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CAMELOT blends automotive industry expertise with comprehensive technological capabilities. By exploiting digital opportunities, we optimize our clients’ value chains and navigate them safely through the disruptive changes in the industry.

Smart cost reduction

AI-based analytics solutions help to detect and implement potential savings more efficiently and precisely.

Product lifecycle profitability

Optimizing the product lifecycle from the drawing to the end of the product lifecycle with special focus on project business.

Digital innovation

We consistently invest in innovative topics and orchestrate new digital technologies along the value chains for our clients.

Jens Steuer, Partner Industrial Manufacturing, CAMELOT Management Consultants
The move away from the combustion engine poses disruptive challenges for the automotive industry, but also offers opportunities for innovation and entry into sustainable and digital business models.

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Jens Steuer

Partner Industrial Manufacturing & Digital Transformation

Heads the global industrial manufacturing practice worldwide. He supports clients in functional excellence programs and the development of strategies to improve performance and organizational effectiveness.

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