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Hyperautomation: The Next Step to Leverage Digital Transformation

CAMELOT broadens its portfolio for data-related services with hyperautomation to help customers unlock the power of their data & business processes

09/16/2021 – Gartner named Hyperautomation as one out of ten strategic technology trends in 2021. Hyperautomation combines automation technologies like robotic process automation, conversational AI, and workflow automation into an end-to-end process automation. In addition, supporting AI services such as document understanding, rule mining or application testing offer comprehensive savings potential throughout the entire company. The seamless use of technologies allows focusing solely on the business process, which is the foundation for a successful and sustainable automation journey. Therefore, CAMELOT’s Hyperautomation framework helps customers to scale their automation solutions and reduce cost as well as master complexity – instead of failing the pursuit for digital transformation.

Automation journeys from vision to implementation

Developing a clear vision on what to achieve in your automation journey in the next years and deriving an automation roadmap are key to leverage a company’s full automation capabilities. CAMELOT realizes the potential through three building blocks: industry-specific process knowledge, a well-defined partnering strategy, and the ready-to-use Hyperautomation Platform.

Industry knowledge

CAMELOT customers value the combination of industry-specific process knowledge with technological excellence that enables successful transformation projects across the entire value chain for Fortune 500 as well as mid-sized companies.


To ensure cutting-edge automation solutions, CAMELOT strategically partners with UiPath, Cognigy, and Camunda as best-of-breed automation providers. The partnerships include joint projects and deep knowledge transfers between the partners. CAMELOT customers benefit from that by an outstanding level of expertise for true end-to-end service offerings.

CAMELOT Hyperautomation Platform

The CAMELOT Hyperautomation Platform is a scalable out-of-the-box automation platform available “as a Service”. With the combination of the Hyperautomation Platform and the CAMELOT domain experts, customers are guided through all steps of their automation journey. Organizations realize full automation capabilities in several carefully laid out steps: they start with formulating an automation strategy and a roadmap, they identify cases for and implement early proofs-of-concept, and finally receive automation development through process re-engineering and standardized design.

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